Special Needs of special needs students' Parents

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I am privileged to work with a lot of great special needs kids through my work with Da Capo Virginia and the Da Capo Institute.  Today I'm interested in sharing a little from my time with their parents and supporters(grandparents, friends, siblings). These people are awesomely stressed in every sense of the word.  When I say the words full time care.. it is difficult for me to even comprehend the impact. Their students require constant attention and will for 80 years.  Imagine for a moment... College level costs year after year for an entire life with little to no chance of ever earning that money.  It is debilitating to most and overwhelming to many if not all.

These folks are my friends, my colleagues, and they have special needs.  We as a society should help them whenever and wherever we can.  Their kids are wonderful, loving, and giving... This behavior was learned from their parents just like all other kids.  The parents I know don't seek the spotlight, they just want opportunities for their kids like everyone else. The parents themselves need to be included in our thoughts and prayers daily... in our planning and administration... and yes in our giving plans.

Support organizations like DaCapoVa which build loving and nurturing inclusive support communities.

Engage the leadership of your church, or your country club, or your ruritan club and suggest special events, fundraisers, and just plain ol appreciation days and notices to help brighten their day.

I have no special training for dealing with children on the autism spectrum, or working with students with Down's syndrome or any other of a myriad of special needs.. but I'm fully competent to talk with, love and support those kids' supporters.  You are TOO!

Make a difference in their days.  and as far as that special training and experience goes.. Da Capo's teachers and volunteers do have it.. and they are awesome with the kids and the parents. They have taught me and continue to do so every day that I'm willing to learn.  


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