Reality check... hidden wounds.

Here is the thing.. We as singers have learned to expect little from an audience. That is why we must give so much to the moment. To make something that is transient, but perfect in its own right. To explore who we are, where we are and how we are through our music and the spirit of "the place".  When we invite the public, and friends, and family into this special special place... we expose our souls, our inner weaknesses, wrapped in a banner of hope.

We may not show it, but we notice when the world chooses other priorities.. shopping, TV, soccer, baseball,  even yard work... over such an intimate time with us.  We notice and it is painful, creating wounds which for most never heal.  And then you ask from your recliner.. why don't you sing more?  It can be a crushing conversation if our armor is not strong enough.

When you don't come and join us, support us, choose us... we remember.  We do not hold grudges, nor are we angry.. but we are hurt. And the many many wounds combine to stifle our spark. our essence. our love.


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