Share and LIKE in 21st Century

Ever since Kindergarten we have been taught to share.  It makes the world better.  easier, faster..  You know the lines.  It might even contribute to your "like" popularity even back then.

Here is the deal. With Facebook, LinkedIn -- Social media these days the power is all wrapped up in the share.  The systems themselves run on who likes and shares what... the "feeds" are filtered for popularity and likes...

When we share articles and posts, and like and/or comment we are showing activity and that increases the penetration and visibility of the message. 

If we just sit in the back row and don't contribute... we don't learn as much, aren't liked as much, and don't do as well.   I know this is biased toward narcissistic extroverted behavior profiles... but it is what it is...

If you want to be a part of the 21st century... learn to SHARE and LIKE others.

If you are a business or an artist... you must get your followers to hit those share and like buttons and share your content or you have no chance at visibility and mindshare among so much noise. 

READING THIS!  PLEASE SHARE IT or LIKE IT!  It only takes a second..  helps me and you both...


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