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Special Needs of special needs students' Parents

I am privileged to work with a lot of great special needs kids through my work with Da Capo Virginia and the Da Capo Institute.Today I'm interested in sharing a little from my time with their parents and supporters(grandparents, friends, siblings). These people are awesomely stressed in every sense of the word.  When I say the words full time care.. it is difficult for me to even comprehend the impact. Their students require constant attention and will for 80 years.  Imagine for a moment... College level costs year after year for an entire life with little to no chance of ever earning that money.  It is debilitating to most and overwhelming to many if not all.

These folks are my friends, my colleagues, and they have special needs.  We as a society should help them whenever and wherever we can.  Their kids are wonderful, loving, and giving... This behavior was learned from their parents just like all other kids.  The parents I know don't seek the spotlight, they just want opp…

Share and LIKE in 21st Century

Ever since Kindergarten we have been taught to share.  It makes the world better.  easier, faster..  You know the lines.  It might even contribute to your "like" popularity even back then.

Here is the deal. With Facebook, LinkedIn -- Social media these days the power is all wrapped up in the share.  The systems themselves run on who likes and shares what... the "feeds" are filtered for popularity and likes...

When we share articles and posts, and like and/or comment we are showing activity and that increases the penetration and visibility of the message. 

If we just sit in the back row and don't contribute... we don't learn as much, aren't liked as much, and don't do as well.   I know this is biased toward narcissistic extroverted behavior profiles... but it is what it is...

If you want to be a part of the 21st century... learn to SHARE and LIKE others.

If you are a business or an artist... you must get your followers to hit those share and like bu…

Reality check... hidden wounds.

Here is the thing.. We as singers have learned to expect little from an audience. That is why we must give so much to the moment. To make something that is transient, but perfect in its own right. To explore who we are, where we are and how we are through our music and the spirit of "the place".  When we invite the public, and friends, and family into this special special place... we expose our souls, our inner weaknesses, wrapped in a banner of hope.

We may not show it, but we notice when the world chooses other priorities.. shopping, TV, soccer, baseball,  even yard work... over such an intimate time with us.  We notice and it is painful, creating wounds which for most never heal.  And then you ask from your recliner.. why don't you sing more?  It can be a crushing conversation if our armor is not strong enough.

When you don't come and join us, support us, choose us... we remember.  We do not hold grudges, nor are we angry.. but we are hurt. And the many many wo…

Tenors: slam dunk success!

HEADLINE:  Elite, Hand Picked Singers are a slam dunk success for local arts organization!
Please come out and support us as we perform.. "in community" Program is fabulous and artists are wonderful.. Guaranteed to be worth your time.

River Road Presbyterian Church  Saturday 4/20/13 Silent Auction begins at 6pm Concert at 7pm... Dessert reception to follow!

-- Sing... from Dona Nobis Pacem to Libiamo.. Mozart to Verdi.. Tenor to Bass... never a dull moment!