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Music Together

Christmas with Annie Moses Band

Greatest voice of an age.


Singing in Harmony

Short Bio for 2013, Jeff Prillaman, Virginia Tenor

Leadership:Skill Required -- Saturday morning coffee and the Harvard Business Review from 2002

Fluff and change

Respect, Hope and Change.

Give it up.

Power and balance

Song of gratitude.

Manners demand is up.

Looks and Legacy of Leaders

Remember the burden.

Military action in Syria

KWOL in the Rolling Ridges

Skills endorsements: LinkedIn

Evangelism #KWOL and converging ideas for the common good.

Stream of Spirit

Living out loud.


Death of a Facebook Page

Reality of leadership is that consequences occur.

Christians: Doing it wrong?

We settle... we all lose... A bit of a rant.

Special Needs of special needs students' Parents

Share and LIKE in 21st Century

Reality check... hidden wounds.

Tenors: slam dunk success!

Buzzword bingo: Transformation, Strategy

Telecommuting Info - graphic

Leading the majority and the minority.