I am thankful for:
1. a relationship with Jesus Christ that sustains me even as I fail.
2. a fantastic wife and life partner in Tracee whom I adore... even if I suck at telling her that enough.
3. Alyssa... such a brilliant, powerful young woman.. full of vigor and passion. and love
4. Emma... my precious,  her intensity and loyalty is without compare, her smile lights up the room
5. Joshua... my son, you are already a better man than I,  with your empathy, discipline, and love of life
6. Clara... my munchkin,  you amaze me with your insight, your dedication, and your spirit.
7. my friends. too many to count here. but each special in their own right.
8.  my enemies... you are out there as well.. you have taught me more than you know.
9. my music... from choirs, to opera to country, to rock and roll.. you are like a balm of gilead many days... a true gift from God and part of my very essence
10. my home... so much more that I ever could have dreamed.
11. my truck...  my first. a great truck. purchased 3 days before Joshua was born.
12. so many memories from churches.. fighting with Charles Long at Somerset Hills,  to Bruce.. to Scott & Wendy at Raritan Valley... to Branch's and its epic battle.. to HRBC and its moderation in all things...
13.  my tools.. from my tractor to mowers and blowers to my saws and handtools...
14. games that I play.. from facebook to xbox.. keeping me straight in the head so many times.
15.  family and a heritage that taught me self reliance and personal honor.
16.  freedom to speak my mind and the courage to do so regularly
17.  medicine... and its miraculous saving of my wife and daughter and so many more.
18.  for teachers who inspired me, expected of me,  and berated me when I chose poorly.

that I woke up this am.. as early as it was.. and that this list weighed heavy on my mind. the need to write it down and to remember.. and indeed be Thankful in my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012.


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