Tenor for election 2012: Romney/Ryan

I was asked today why I've been so activist in my politics in the last few years... It was a good question.  Simple answer. I am very very worried about two things:  National Debt and the erosion of personal freedoms.  I began the season and remain an active Ron Paul supporter, but I am now a Romney/Ryan activist.  Ron's message is not lost and I plan to ensure that it remains front and center as we go forward under new leadership.  We need integrity and faster progress at the helm of our great country.

Obama's hope and change cult of personality leadership model has proven to be a colossal failure. Of that there is no real doubt.  Jobs, foreign policy, gridlock...  He has delivered: not enough jobs.. a flailingly incompetent foreign policy and political gridlock during a time where we need exactly the opposite on all three fronts.  His token support for socially activist ideas around gay marriage has delivered no real change.. other than serious pocket change for his reelection campaign.

His handling of the Benghazi situation is quite simply unacceptable.  Buck stops with the President. Period. 

Lastly.. his campaign's choice of tone: to ATTACK and assassinate the personal character of a clearly honest and honorable man is disgusting.  Even if I had been on the fence, this petty, childish attempt to diminish a political opponent with misleading degrading half-truths crossed the morality line and degraded the legacy of a presidency.

Vote for Mitt Romney on Tuesday.  Make a difference! and remain active and involved ensuring that he keeps his promises... so we don't have a repeat of Obama's failure four years from now.

Please.. for all our sakes.

Closing Arguments below.


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