Principle, Stepping stone, Anchor

Ahh, those funny principles of honor, discipline, excellence.. . not lying, actually doing what you say and striving for more than you can possibly achieve..  You get in the way of "business and progress".

If you give on a principle, it wasn't a principle... our guiding principles are not ladders to be disregarded for popularity and results.  they are the very core and foundation of who we are as human beings.

We cannot simply discard and step over a foundational principle in our life.  By the same token,  if we have founded our lives on principles which are wrong.. what are we to do?  Well now, that is the question isn't it.  What is right, what is wrong?  

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

The answer lies in the Bible.. in a living faith relationship with Jesus Christ.. and a reliance on his as our anchor.. not the president, or our boss, or even our community of friends.  Religion is not a bad word, it is an anchor which goes up and down accordingly..

Study, Pray and learn.. Think for yourself.. Talk to your pastors and teachers but rely on the holy spirit to guide you in your actions according to your principles.


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