Politics is a misnomer...

Don't allow yourself to go down this road. "I don't talk about politics with friends."

In the past decades, we the people have allowed ourselves to be duped into a pathetic state.  The traditional mantra.. never discuss Religion and Politics among friends has generated a crisis of epic proportion.

We the people no longer talk about the things in our lives which should be the most important and our world is worse for it.

The current definition of Politics is not correct. We MUST discuss the issues and decision points in our lives. We MUST stand up for what we think and believe and make a difference in the world around us.  

Politics... is simply the how... in my book.  The core of our civil discussion should be about what we believe and why and the reality is that we must strive to understand far more than we do.  We tend to spend too much time talking and so little listening.

If your friends and family "get ugly" with their tone... call them on it, But don't give in to bullying. Your views and your ideas deserve to be heard. You are obligated to share your beliefs about God and yes.. about government.   to be salt.. and light.. in a world desperately in need... 

If we are to live freely, as God intended.. we must govern ourselves first and then seek to influence and learn from our friends.  This is NOT easy.. it has never been.. and never will be.. but to simply say.. I don't talk politics.. is cowardly.


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