Obstructing government

Fiscal conservatism and "tea party" politics won the massive congressional swing in 2010 and held for state races, governors and the House in 2012.. Even majority of the Dem Senators elected ran on "no new taxes" platforms... the often maligned "obstructionism" worked then.. and would have been the approach if Dems had lost... Why then exactly should the House Republicans cave now?

The issues on the national table are not social..or even really foreign policy...(aside from Obama's coverups and spin games) nor have they ever been.. outside of the campaign spin room... I'm just saying... I think I can support the House Republicans continuing to play hard ball at every opportunity. The fiscal situation is that dire. perhaps brinksmanship is the only path... when backed into a corner and repeatedly ridiculed... but never convinced of another path.. Obstructionism.. equals the government doing basically nothing, while the "economy" and businesses can continue to adjust and adapt... Perhaps, it provides exactly the "stability" so hard fought...

If there is no way to win the "war" long term.. then living to fight another day becomes the motto right?


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