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I am thankful for:
1. a relationship with Jesus Christ that sustains me even as I fail.
2. a fantastic wife and life partner in Tracee whom I adore... even if I suck at telling her that enough.
3. Alyssa... such a brilliant, powerful young woman.. full of vigor and passion. and love
4. Emma... my precious,  her intensity and loyalty is without compare, her smile lights up the room
5. Joshua... my son, you are already a better man than I,  with your empathy, discipline, and love of life
6. Clara... my munchkin,  you amaze me with your insight, your dedication, and your spirit.
7. my friends. too many to count here. but each special in their own right.
8.  my enemies... you are out there as well.. you have taught me more than you know.
9. my music... from choirs, to opera to country, to rock and roll.. you are like a balm of gilead many days... a true gift from God and part of my very essence
10. my home... so much more that I ever could have dreamed.
11. my truck...  my first. a great …

Principle, Stepping stone, Anchor

Ahh, those funny principles of honor, discipline, excellence.. . not lying, actually doing what you say and striving for more than you can possibly achieve..  You get in the way of "business and progress".

If you give on a principle, it wasn't a principle... our guiding principles are not ladders to be disregarded for popularity and results.  they are the very core and foundation of who we are as human beings.

We cannot simply discard and step over a foundational principle in our life.  By the same token,  if we have founded our lives on principles which are wrong.. what are we to do?  Well now, that is the question isn't it.  What is right, what is wrong?  

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

The answer lies in the Bible.. in a living faith relationship with Jesus Christ.. and a reliance on his as our anchor.. not the president, or our boss, or even our community of friends.  Religion is not a bad word, it is an anchor which goes up and down ac…

Obstructing government

Fiscal conservatism and "tea party" politics won the massive congressional swing in 2010 and held for state races, governors and the House in 2012.. Even majority of the Dem Senators elected ran on "no new taxes" platforms... the often maligned "obstructionism" worked then.. and would have been the approach if Dems had lost... Why then exactly should the House Republicans cave now?

The issues on the national table are not social..or even really foreign policy...(aside from Obama's coverups and spin games) nor have they ever been.. outside of the campaign spin room... I'm just saying... I think I can support the House Republicans continuing to play hard ball at every opportunity. The fiscal situation is that dire. perhaps brinksmanship is the only path... when backed into a corner and repeatedly ridiculed... but never convinced of another path.. Obstructionism.. equals the government doing basically nothing, while the "economy" and busin…

Fall 2012 short bio

Lyric Tenor, Jeff Prillaman is the co-founder of the Da Capo Institute in Richmond, VA,  a community non profit organization dedicated to elite choral experiences and inclusionary musical excellence.  As a tenor, his versatile repertoire and experience has provided performance venues from Dvořák Hall in Prague, to opera and concert stages in Italy, France, and Germany, and Lincoln Center in New York City.  While completing his Master of Music degree at the Juilliard School, he was a winner of the New York Vocal Artist Competition and enjoyed a celebrated Carnegie Hall debut with the Opera Orchestra of New York. He has recorded with both Elysium and Chesky records and has a passion for community arts: advocacy, ministry, and leadership.

Redefining the art of crossover between arts, business, and technology,  Mr Prillaman supports his family of six as a managing solutions architect for Cisco Systems and is also an accomplished choral conductor. He holds an Executive Certificate in Mana…

Day after... a sad state of affairs.

This post is more a journal entry than an article.. so read at your own discretion.  I spent the morning pondering what happened as the USA reelected Barack Obama to four more years as President last night.   On base this makes me sick.. but perhaps it is exactly what is required to move us forward.  Several options and thoughts confront me...

1.  We, the conservatives, are completely wrong and the future of our country does indeed lie in big govt, the careful regulation of personal freedoms, and the disintegration of the traditional family model.

2.  We have set forth on a path that will so divide the country that there will be no refuge from the deluge.  Gov't interventionism will fail millions and millions of people and the world around us may fall into war and further chaos without visionary, strong, and bold leadership.  The people will eventually see this failure and reject the long line of grievances perpetuated upon them by the rulers.

In that end, perhaps, the GOP and th…

Winner..US if...

We all know something is wrong.. 

Big Change starts in our hearts and our families.. loving our neighbors and focusing on our relationship with Jesus Christ... 

Elections matter... but only a bit.. Vote.. But remember that you are the agent of the change in the world.. not a politician.. Reject earthly monarchs and choose to stand up and be counted for the principles which matter.. Faith, Hope, and Love... 

May God Bless America and may America Bless God..

Politics is a misnomer...

Don't allow yourself to go down this road. "I don't talk about politics with friends."

In the past decades, we the people have allowed ourselves to be duped into a pathetic state.  The traditional mantra.. never discuss Religion and Politics among friends has generated a crisis of epic proportion.

We the people no longer talk about the things in our lives which should be the most important and our world is worse for it.

The current definition of Politics is not correct. We MUST discuss the issues and decision points in our lives. We MUST stand up for what we think and believe and make a difference in the world around us.  

Politics... is simply the how... in my book.  The core of our civil discussion should be about what we believe and why and the reality is that we must strive to understand far more than we do.  We tend to spend too much time talking and so little listening.

If your friends and family "get ugly" with their tone... call them on it, But …

Tenor for election 2012: Romney/Ryan

I was asked today why I've been so activist in my politics in the last few years... It was a good question.  Simple answer. I am very very worried about two things:  National Debt and the erosion of personal freedoms.  I began the season and remain an active Ron Paul supporter, but I am now a Romney/Ryan activist.  Ron's message is not lost and I plan to ensure that it remains front and center as we go forward under new leadership.  We need integrity and faster progress at the helm of our great country.

Obama's hope and change cult of personality leadership model has proven to be a colossal failure. Of that there is no real doubt.  Jobs, foreign policy, gridlock...  He has delivered: not enough jobs.. a flailingly incompetent foreign policy and political gridlock during a time where we need exactly the opposite on all three fronts.  His token support for socially activist ideas around gay marriage has delivered no real change.. other than serious pocket change for his ree…