More than a pretty face.. Carpe Diem!

Online profiles in the professional space can be so boring...  How can we differentiate ourselves? I say Carpe Diem.  Sieze the day! 

Linked in for October 2012..  I'll see how this "polls" 

Principles matter. Tradition, Honor, Discipline, and Excellence form my foundation for success.  
Fundamentals matter. Motivating and inspiring people, communications discipline, risk management, agility in process evolution, user and consumer experience, and diversity of perspective are at the core.
Results matter. My record shows that merging relentless customer focus and outcome based planning models has provided repeated, compounding success stories spanning verticals including technology, financial services and pharmaceutical. Process Matters. I translate strategy into operational efficiency and positive growth results using a repeatable, and measurable process. Technology and process are not enough to carry the day. People matter. People make the difference in delivery excellence and transformation with practical passion, risk discipline, and superb project and task execution.
My diverse experience base includes full life cycle budget/staff/group leadership, employee development and coaching/mentoring, technology project delivery oversight & execution, performing arts production, university faculty, along side non-profit and church leadership roles. 
Project & Portfolio Management(PMO), CxO level decision analysis and messaging, Managed Services Delivery, Collaboration and Unified Communications, VideoConferencing, VoIP, Video on Demand(VOD), Organizational Change Management, ADKAR, ERP/Human Resources management systems, Outsourcing, Strategic Supplier Management, Non Profit leadership, Arts Advocacy, Audience Development, Performing Arts


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