Negotiating and the Open: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

What if, for the sake of argument... we grant Paul Ryan some sincerity and assume that he expected his budget to actually be discussed, with Congress eventually reaching a compromise... In that scenario, the most important thing for him to do was to "open high" to maximize his likelihood of positive outcome.  Every negotiator on the planet knows this.. it is Bargaining and Negotiating 101. The open is the single most important factor in determining the eventual ZOPA and outcome.

I don't like everything in the Ryan Budget, but it seems pretty appropriate if you consider that we are actually in trouble.  I agree with Romney and the Republicans, that we are indeed in fiscal trouble. I'm not sure that we can get to the cuts he proposed, but I respect and appreciate the effort.

By the way, what is President Obama's vision for the future?  he seems to be stuck in the anti- part of his campaign. Where is the vaunted Hope and Change?  Choice seems pretty clear to me.. We can see where the current leader has taken us.. our only hope is for a change.
Site showcased below is a great comparison/research tool:


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