What follows is a reblog from a FB post of Patrick Marques.. a friend and fellow WCC alum/tenor.  It is an excellent thought model and demonstrates the excellence, bringing honor to Patrick, our shared heritage and tenors everywhere.

" my humble opinion it seems a search for mediocrity has transpired! Who is good enough but not too good!? Could that person be a problem when they have conviction?? I can only speak from my own experience: what has taken place, what I see, and what I foresee based upon calculated, realistic, however forever optimistic knowledge and what I consider inherent wisdom from God. I see a world so afraid that it welcomes and appreciates mediocrity!!! I am sorry but, from this, I do not know what can be produced! 

What is grown from mediocrity?? Do we take the opinionated one with ideas and courage that produces?, or the one that is silent but plays all the right notes, with no musicality!, has the conviction of a rock, and never gives an honest point of view? Where I came from in training, it was nothing special or unique to spend an entire day, OR TWO , on one phrase! " how do I express a silver moon without tightening the throat while still being able use just the right amount of vocal weight, color, intention, freedom of tone, etc... The next morning... Was that note really silver sounding yesterday when I said the word silver????? The search continued for a performance and for the paying Customer! 

My first opera teacher, Glenn Parker, said if you serve a big load of shit to the paying customers they should absolutely have the right to demand their money back!!! We are artists, and our life long commitment to this art form can not be hindered by a society based upon fear! I will not have it or teach it! When economic stability in the arts arrives, they will be looking for the real ones who were lucky enough to make it through an unbelievably horrific economic turmoil! When that time resurfaces, the "non wonder bread" sounds and voices that stood firm upon their teachings and principles will remain! Until then, there are plenty of people that instinctually know whats right when technical precision and artistic communication become one: because the look on their faces tells you the truth! 

To achieve, in my opinion, something close to heaven on earth is the ability to release: Honest, technically sound, tones of integrity and intention that mean something to the listener! Who knows? You might just reach an unreachable spot in someone's life and transport them to a new plane of existence! As artists, are we in it for the popularity award?" -- Patrick Marques


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