Great Divides, Battles & Maturity

Rich and Poor
Religious and Atheist
Christian and Muslim
Fundamentalist and Everyone else
Black and White
Urban and Rural
Gay and Straight
Insane and Brilliant
Free and Slave

How do we choose to focus our conversations and thinking these days?  More importantly how do we act when "bridging" these divisions?

There has been quite a bit of commentary painting President Obama as a great divider.  I do not agree with this characterization.  He is not a divider, but that isn' the problem.  Our problem is that OUR President is NOT a uniter and he allows the natural politics of division and competition to grow and fester with little action to the contrary.  Our problem is that Gov. Romney may or may not do the same.

Some of these divides are perceived and can be overcome quickly. Some cannot.  Generations of oppression have created deep "holes" in lives, communities, families... We must begin to climb rather than dig... is a favorite saying of mine.  How? well that is the question isn't it.

Most of these divides can't be bridged in single generations but hope and belief that they can be bridged is key to all of our actions. Embracing freedom principles and influencing change through inspiration to action is key in my guiding ideology and focus.  Mandating through force and application of law/gov't can't bridge most of these gaps.

Plot yourself on each of these continuums and think about how you move the needles with your actions. Which directions are you headed, do think think about?  What is your tolerance of the other side?

Mature perspectives can draw the line and recognize the complexity and nuances of "positions".  Fight your battle with honor and respect and with love.


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