Where does the overwhelming desire to fit in come from?  I don't know but I marvel at its power.  As I watch the RNC convention this week,  I find myself rationalizing, equivocating... even evading realities right in front of me.  These people are here to influence me.. get me to do something.. not to include me.  The Republicans speak under the guise of freedom while excluding, discriminating, and taking what THEY deem is important.  The mantra of the ideological outcome is intoxicating.  Freedom, security,  and a world where all are valued and willing to step up and contribute.
The Democrats are no better. They want the same positive outcomes.. I think.. they simply go about their process by taking to give. The collective will somehow take care of all in their ideological dream world.
Neither dream is anywhere near reality.  The two position are so close that we the people get lost and must be manipulated to fit into one or the other.  I saw an article last week which highlighted the overwhelming alignment of the the American public to libertarian ideals, yet noone will vote for them.

I don't fit.  I am more than a little sad that I must vote in support of the party/platform system in order to have any hope for change.  When neither shoe fits, walking through life on a daily basis is down right painful.


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