Challenger rules, conflict constant.

RNC national convention kicked off yesterday and I heard some great speeches from Ann Romney and Chris Christie. I was even excited by John Kasich, Nikki Haley, and Artur Davis.  These folks represented a challenge to the current establishment... They are standing up to the media elite, to President Obama's gigantic spin machine and presenting an alternate view.  Their plans are unproven, but they represent hope and change. as ironic as that is.

I haven't really changed my position. I'm a "RonPaul" supporter who now must vote for Romney/Ryan because they are the best of two choices. I'd prefer a third.. but that is not currently in the national script. Perhaps we can change that for the future. Even among the Rs there was dissent. The drama yesterday regarding voting rules and inclusion vs exclusion is not pleasant but it is a reality.  I've seen it in the workplace and most often in churches.  Those in power seek to keep it and extend it. The challengers step up and are opposed at every turn.  Change is not easy.  People too easily give away their principles to win a battle... too often. They forget that how they "fight" reflects on them as much as the outcome in most cases.

Some of the best drama last night arose from observing the "children" commentators on MSNBC and the more liberal elite... freak out. This year their guy has given away the role of most elegant, best message, and the unknown ambiguity of "new".   The response is so predictable.  Evade, Equivocate, but most effective:  Personal character attack and name calling ruled the eve.  Every idea is somehow rooted in "evil"in the divisive fringe elements of the platforms.... in their minds the dissenting views have no respect. Somehow, to even disagree is now considered hate speech, because they say so.

More evidence of a culture, and a people...  which says one thing but does another.  The news is now about how much we are divided, how right one side is... That outcome is a function of leadership, example, and self confidence... or a lack of it.

It is a shame really.. but unavoidable for now.  We must also accept that real change occurs so incredibly slowly.  Over multiple elections, many leaders and examples, and sooo many speeches.  Maturity shows us this fact. The struggle to better ourselves never ends.. either individually or collectively.


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