Beating the drums for the war on women.

I've watched in horror over the past week as many elected officials began beating the drums of war. The problem is that the only people beating those drums are the Democrats.  Republicans are not in any way  at war with women.  Hello,  in the last presidential election, the VP candidate was a women...  I'm not a card carrying R but even I'm appalled at the lack of integrity demonstrated by Representatives like Boxer and Pelosi when it comes to these "womens" issues.

  • ProLife does not equal a war on women. 
  • Adherance to religious doctrine does not equal war on women. Businesses should be able to choose whether or not to provide free contraception.. Plenty will do so.. so that choice is available. 
  • The repudiated mistake of one US senate "candidate" does not equal an RNC war on women. 
Move on Mr President..  your blatant attempt to again demagogue your opponents for political gain is fooling noone.  

This isn't even a real issue.  


We shall attain ultimate victory in our war on women! Comrade Akin’s feint has lured our feminist adversaries into a counter-offensive likely to stretch their support lines to the breaking point and leave them isolated.

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