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Where does the overwhelming desire to fit in come from?  I don't know but I marvel at its power.  As I watch the RNC convention this week,  I find myself rationalizing, equivocating... even evading realities right in front of me.  These people are here to influence me.. get me to do something.. not to include me.  The Republicans speak under the guise of freedom while excluding, discriminating, and taking what THEY deem is important.  The mantra of the ideological outcome is intoxicating.  Freedom, security,  and a world where all are valued and willing to step up and contribute.
The Democrats are no better. They want the same positive outcomes.. I think.. they simply go about their process by taking to give. The collective will somehow take care of all in their ideological dream world.
Neither dream is anywhere near reality.  The two position are so close that we the people get lost and must be manipulated to fit into one or the other.  I saw an article last week which highligh…

Challenger rules, conflict constant.

RNC national convention kicked off yesterday and I heard some great speeches from Ann Romney and Chris Christie. I was even excited by John Kasich, Nikki Haley, and Artur Davis.  These folks represented a challenge to the current establishment... They are standing up to the media elite, to President Obama's gigantic spin machine and presenting an alternate view.  Their plans are unproven, but they represent hope and change. as ironic as that is.

I haven't really changed my position. I'm a "RonPaul" supporter who now must vote for Romney/Ryan because they are the best of two choices. I'd prefer a third.. but that is not currently in the national script. Perhaps we can change that for the future. Even among the Rs there was dissent. The drama yesterday regarding voting rules and inclusion vs exclusion is not pleasant but it is a reality.  I've seen it in the workplace and most often in churches.  Those in power seek to keep it and extend it. The challenger…

Great Divides, Battles & Maturity

Rich and Poor
Religious and Atheist
Christian and Muslim
Fundamentalist and Everyone else
Black and White
Urban and Rural
Gay and Straight
Insane and Brilliant
Free and Slave

How do we choose to focus our conversations and thinking these days?  More importantly how do we act when "bridging" these divisions?

There has been quite a bit of commentary painting President Obama as a great divider.  I do not agree with this characterization.  He is not a divider, but that isn' the problem.  Our problem is that OUR President is NOT a uniter and he allows the natural politics of division and competition to grow and fester with little action to the contrary.  Our problem is that Gov. Romney may or may not do the same.

Some of these divides are perceived and can be overcome quickly. Some cannot.  Generations of oppression have created deep "holes" in lives, communities, families... We must begin to climb rather than dig... is a favorite saying of mine.  How? well that i…

Beating the drums for the war on women.

I've watched in horror over the past week as many elected officials began beating the drums of war. The problem is that the only people beating those drums are the Democrats.  Republicans are not in any way  at war with women.  Hello,  in the last presidential election, the VP candidate was a women...  I'm not a card carrying R but even I'm appalled at the lack of integrity demonstrated by Representatives like Boxer and Pelosi when it comes to these "womens" issues.

ProLife does not equal a war on women. Adherance to religious doctrine does not equal war on women. Businesses should be able to choose whether or not to provide free contraception.. Plenty will do so.. so that choice is available. The repudiated mistake of one US senate "candidate" does not equal an RNC war on women.  Move on Mr President..  your blatant attempt to again demagogue your opponents for political gain is fooling noone.  
This isn't even a real issue.

Hunger Games opportunity for RNC speaker.

A request for a speaker at the Republican National Convention..  Select one or two themes from The Hunger Games and build a speech around it. It would take courage, but it would resonate, showcase the connection, and completely disarm the Hollywood elite... ;-)

 Focus on the dangers of out of control central government planning, abuse of freedoms, and the pervasive and powerful influence of freedom.   The movie is about the power of one, to make a difference... how that happens.. the sacrifice and consequences or choices.. and most of all.. Why freedoms must be protected at all costs.  Once they are given or taken away, there is catastrophic cost to restore them.

The American people are addicted to Hunger Games.. all ages.. all parties..  This could be a great opportunity for a great speaker to engage and demonstrate relevance.


What follows is a reblog from a FB post of Patrick Marques.. a friend and fellow WCC alum/tenor.  It is an excellent thought model and demonstrates the excellence, bringing honor to Patrick, our shared heritage and tenors everywhere.

" my humble opinion it seems a search for mediocrity has transpired! Who is good enough but not too good!? Could that person be a problem when they have conviction?? I can only speak from my own experience: what has taken place, what I see, and what I foresee based upon calculated, realistic, however forever optimistic knowledge and what I consider inherent wisdom from God. I see a world so afraid that it welcomes and appreciates mediocrity!!! I am sorry but, from this, I do not know what can be produced! 

What is grown from mediocrity?? Do we take the opinionated one with ideas and courage that produces?, or the one that is silent but plays all the right notes, with no musicality!, has the conviction of a rock, and never gives an honest point …

Negotiating and the Open: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

What if, for the sake of argument... we grant Paul Ryan some sincerity and assume that he expected his budget to actually be discussed, with Congress eventually reaching a compromise... In that scenario, the most important thing for him to do was to "open high" to maximize his likelihood of positive outcome.  Every negotiator on the planet knows this.. it is Bargaining and Negotiating 101. The open is the single most important factor in determining the eventual ZOPA and outcome.

I don't like everything in the Ryan Budget, but it seems pretty appropriate if you consider that we are actually in trouble.  I agree with Romney and the Republicans, that we are indeed in fiscal trouble. I'm not sure that we can get to the cuts he proposed, but I respect and appreciate the effort.

By the way, what is President Obama's vision for the future?  he seems to be stuck in the anti- part of his campaign. Where is the vaunted Hope and Change?  Choice seems pretty clear to me.. …