Notes 2 note from WCC alumni weekend 2012

Returning to reality.. with a musical missional mindset.. Hard, but that it okay.. because to whom much is given, much is expected. 
Jeff & Dr Joseph Flummerfelt at WCC after "conversations"

Life's songs and legacies, Alumni week 2012

What did you hear?
Who did you hear?
Will you live?

When in YOUR music, God is glorified. God works his purpose through me
Gifts from God are meant to be given to God. Through great music, excellence. Striving, yearning, exploring, teaching, performing. To withhold them is blasphemy.

The charge is a blessing, not a burden.. It is part of the identity of WCC alums in particular.
Catch a glimpse of God through your saints. If only briefly. Dwell on them, our legacies, but live into the future filled with the unknowns and yet certain.

Let the music speak. Sometimes the most expressive thing is to not be expressive at all. Composers intention must be paramount.

Listen. Verticalization vs horizontal realization must be in the moment. Real visceral exploratory.

Once you have tasted the blood of music you can do nothing else. Our charge is to change lives, to have a profound impact on others.
We have to fight for the opportunity these days.
We must become warriors in the battle of noise pollution. Silence is essential. Be still and know. Thoreau had it right.

We seek and are blessed with a glimpse of humanity that cannot be expressed in any other way.

Stay connected to the formidable musical community of which you are a member. For you and for it... To sustain both.

Who do you listen to?
How and when do you listen?
To whom do you speak.. and how do you speak to them?


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