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A Discussion on Defining Gay Marriage.. among Christians & Friends

There is lots to read in this post... a "civil" loving discussion on gay marriage and the role of law in defining marriage as it relates to a passionate faith.. rooted in Jesus Christ.   It occurred on Facebook on Jan 20, 21+ 2012 between Jeff, Steve, Bob, Melanie primarily... but others as well... and I'm saving it here to study... influence.. and remind us all... that WE MUST THINK ABOUT WHAT WE THINK! even when it is difficult.. or maybe especially when it is difficult.

 Just because man disrespects marriage does not change what marriage is. Same sex civil unions, ok. Marriage is man and woman.

That is not how the fundamentalists frame their argument. Hence the photo. And "civil unions" dont represent equal protection under the law.

Sure they do.

Simply isn't true Melanie. Same benefits, no. Huge burdens to even come close... For sure. But works out well for lawyers due to legal fees. More cost/burden for impaired benefits. Not equal.

I agree with Melani…