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Christmas Eve Services... consumer or a provider? are you going to give in worship or get?

Recent article on "The LarkNews" regarding a NC church downsizing spurred a great commentary thread on Facebook.  I don't know Kevin Ryan Cartwright personally.. but he wrote a brilliant commentary on the mega-church phenomena today...  The only real question is.. What sort of services are YOU seeking in YOUR church.  My bottom line: Worship is about giving, not getting... Church leaders should be about helping their members to see and listen more directly to God's work in their lives...

The failure of the modern church is rooted in the desire to seek numbers, influence... and power.  "Blessings and resources turned inward on themselves to further the institution or the person, are an abomination before God" Bert Browning

Mega-churches are capitalist business enterprises and therefore are profit-driven rather than Gospel-driven. To the board of directors and the owner of the enterprise and property contained therein (commonly called the "pastor"),…