Precision and passion present in so few people.

Listening to Joshua Russell and Lloyd Arriola play in the last nights was like crack cocaine for this recovering performance addict.

The epitome of all that is profound about music in the world was manifest for so few here in Bon Air/Richmond. Their emotions and souls poured from the piano like water from a pitcher onto a concrete floor. Changing everything as it went, but harming nothing. Flowing, settling, filling every nook and cranny of our souls, ebbing and flowing through our imperfections and even now, it has not left.

The winds of a new day simply blow and dry the surface. The residue is left, perhaps its essence.. The pitcher moves on to another floor, another venue.. bigger more famous.. My soul seeks more water, more nourishment and finds comfort in the company of friends and familiar places.

The powerful sensation of having the water affect me in a "moment" passes into memory, to be cherished as it becomes another story to be told. Thank you Lloyd and Joshua for sharing yourselves with us.

To my friends and colleagues in using music to change the world: Bravo and Kudos.
To the warm and wonderful attendees who had the courage to choose to support music to remember others and serve.. Bravo and Kudos
To the People of Richmond and Bon Air...friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, the ones who chose not to come... you were missed sorely, and you missed an opportunity to have a few moments change you. You missed a new page in your story.

As for me and my house, we were amazed and humbled "in community" within a community.


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