Disappointment in numbers.

Numbers, Nickels, Noses...  From ministry to the arts world,  survival is about managing to the bottom line, the world counts success by these measures.

  • How many students
  • how many in the audience
  • how much money raised... 
  • how new are your facilities... 
  • what is the cool factor that will attract...
@RickWarren: Never confuse prominence with significance....Unseen doesn't equal unimportant. #missionalrenaissance #leadership

INSPIRATION... VALUE... IMPACT... all worthy ideas, but nearly impossible to correlate with a harsh, competitive reality. The illusion of success is a drug... the service impact is thrilling, to see services making a difference where none existed before.. but it just isn't enough.

To survive... spreading the cost, seeking supporters who freely give, Faith in a mission greater than self, rooted in service..

Today just isn't a great day.. maybe the next two weeks will turn it around. Because if the numbers aren't there, the curtain doesn't rise.. even on the most worthy shows. no matter the impact.. if the costs aren't covered... then a crash and a collapse are imminent.

Quote 2 NOTE: John Adams On Choosing a Life in the Arts
"A life in the arts means a life of sacrifice and tens of thousands of hours of devotion and discipline with scant remuneration and sometimes even scant recognition. A life in the arts means loving complexity and ambiguity, of enjoying the fact that there are no single, absolute solutions. And it means that you value communicating about matters of the spirit over the baser forms of human interaction, because you know that life is not just a transaction, not simply a game about winning someone’s confidence purely for purposes of material gain."

http://dacapova.org  - A Worthy Arts Organization... struggling, but seeking to impact, & survive.


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