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( Who Am I ) VATENOR Fun with combining FB & LinkedIn

Leadership, Technology, Transformation Results Tenor | Performing Arts | Father | Consultant Information Technology and Services

I am an experienced technology leader in service delivery management and large project execution.

My leadership programs(workplace and workforce transformations bridging HR, CRE facilities, and Technology) have been globally recognized in industry publications and prestigious associational forums for their award winning results. Relentless customer focus and disciplined proactive outcome based planning are linchpins in my plans.

My diverse experience base includes full life cycle budget/staff/group leadership, employee development and coaching, technology project delivery oversight & execution, performing arts production, university faculty, along side non-profit and church leadership roles.

This history of innovative leadership leverages Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools, driving to measurable operational efficiency improvements and innovations in communic…

Intransigence in place of collaboration - Bad things happen

As we all watched in horror, the government leaders of the United States of America devolved into a group of high school class officers attempting to plan a senior prom, thus creating a mish mash of nothingness in their final solution to the debt ceiling crisis.. if it can be called that.. The problem is of course, the debt.. not the debt ceiling..

Ideology is important, but in the face of war, financial ruin, and stability where real lives are at risk.. the stakes are higher, the behavior should match.

Our leaders fundamentally don't agree that operating with huge amounts of debt is a problem.  Well some of them don't... Hopefully, that is changing soon for both parties.


Debt is that which is ; usually referencing assets owed, but the term can also cover moral obligations and other interactions not requiring money. In the case of assets, debt is a means of using future purchasing power in the present before a summation has been earned. ...…