Soul passion, Choice!

"Music... This is the favorite passion of my soul." - Thomas Jefferson

It is early on the Saturday morning of DaCapoVa's 2011 gala and I will be leading, greeting, and sharing my soul with friends tonight through words, the glorious music of Beethoven's Adelaide, and through the shared experience of performance "in community" in the beautiful sanctuary of River Road Presbyterian Church.  Along with dear friends and true music advocates we will show a path in this world of living our music.

The question of who will be there.. who will come... weighs heavily on all of our hearts. As artists, we desperately want to share our experiences, to be appreciated, and to teach others the feelings... the spark..
Artists are interested in expressing the human condition. They are interested in all of life. As an art form, classical music explores every facet of the human condition: pain, passions, conflict, disappointments, as well as love, joy, peace, self-control, and much more. As music gives a broad picture of human experience, it provides a tremendous gift to the church. It shows something of the need for God in daily life outside the church’s walls. It also speaks of the presence of God wherever we find ourselves.  -- Dr. Charles Hulin IV
I challenge you to find a better suited group of musicians than the faculty and friends of DaCapoVa for the role of Musical Ambassadors to everyday life.  Advocacy of the role of music in our society is more than words. These people live their lives like every other but they "Choose" to use music to extend their souls and share with those around them of every level of ability.  They/We believe that music has a part to play for every soul and that it is part of our mandate to share our abilities and our art.  Not for self aggrandizement, or fame, or even for entertainment, but instead so that the world will have a few more moments of beauty.

Will you join us tonight? Do you care enough to support us with your time and finances? Only you know how you answer this challenge and call.  We are doing the work and giving generously of our time and talents to a cause for which we have been trained, and indeed born...

It would be so affirming to see a full room of new & old friends/faces who make the time despite the myriad of excuses...  you know the list...  My fear is that once again, "people", maybe you...  will say "how nice, music is important..."but they will leave it there without action".  Please don't do that.

Instead, CHOOSE to ACTIVELY support Music & Musicians in your community, in your world, in your life. You have options!

We will do our part. The rehearsals are over, the quality is there. We are living artists who freely give to the world.  WE will be there just as we are every day, each semester, with every student and moment. We will sing and play and show you our souls... in concert halls, in churches, in hospitals, in schools, in prisons, in rest homes, in malls, at basketball and football games... and once in a while even on a street corner

TONIGHT: We will share a few moments on a beautiful Saturday evening with a world that may or may not choose to listen.  It will be, what it will be... to know that answer.. you must choose.

I hope for change in our world. I believe in the music and the musicians as a tool. Help Us!

Freedom, Choice, and... Music is indeed the favorite passion of my soul too.... Thanks for that Mr Jefferson.


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