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Soul passion, Choice!

"Music... This is the favorite passion of my soul." - Thomas Jefferson

It is early on the Saturday morning of DaCapoVa's 2011 gala and I will be leading, greeting, and sharing my soul with friends tonight through words, the glorious music of Beethoven's Adelaide, and through the shared experience of performance "in community" in the beautiful sanctuary of River Road Presbyterian Church.  Along with dear friends and true music advocates we will show a path in this world of living our music.

The question of who will be there.. who will come... weighs heavily on all of our hearts. As artists, we desperately want to share our experiences, to be appreciated, and to teach others the feelings... the spark..
Artists are interested in expressing the human condition. They are interested in all of life. As an art form, classical music explores every facet of the human condition: pain, passions, conflict, disappointments, as well as love, joy, peace, self-control, and m…