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Elevation of listening

I spent the weekend reminiscing and exploring musical relationships at my alma mater, Westminster Choir College during their alumni events around the 2011 commencement.  What an amazing, and exhausting series of moments.

As a part time performer these days, I'm not privileged to live in these experiences 24/7 but I listened, and learned a great deal.  Inspiration, emotions, collaboration, competition, and judgement were everywhere.  I was struck by the comparisons to my every day job in corporate leadership... yet I was proud that I know how to listen. Stephen Paulus touched on some of these ideas during his excellent address during the commencement on Saturday morning.

A new performer's trinity emerged for me.. crystallizing some ideas we have been using at DaCapoVa for several years as we seek to engage both the musical and non-musical communities to enable ALL... with context and relationships.

A great performer has to help the audience listen and engage. 

Success is derived…

Phoenix Eagle, Hope & Change, Future?

I revel in the demise of Bin Laden. As I watched President Obama, then the news reports late into the evening, and finally Secy of State Hilary Clinton speak this am, I was conflicted in my pride. America has delivered a blow. The emotion is exhilarating. I do not feel guilt at the actions of those valiant soldiers who finally succeeded on my behalf. I am not gloating in the downfall of an enemy. Rather I rise from the ashes of my previous state. I feel a sense of hope and change for the future. Closure to a heart rending event has somehow been achieved by watching and learning.

It is true that the violence and death will continue in this world and that we hold no moral high ground ultimately. Today, however.. It is good to shout. USA, USA, USA... and fly the flag high! Terrorism will continue, but today we celebrate a victory and remember that there are consequences to actions.