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A community of practice for life.. need to know...

  • Context  & Background
  • Look for pervasive, big themes.. not single points
  • Correlation between Old&New Testament is what.. New is fulfillment of the old
  • Filter through Jesus’ actions
  • Trust HOLY SPIRIT within you to teach you.. explain to you… help you…
  • Filter through your service…
Practice: ELEM ELEY
WHAT is practice? According to Merriam-Webster, practice is “systematic exercise for proficiency.” Practice must involve experimenting/improvising (creative energy), but it is primarily to channel that energy into training. Practice is the investment of hours and years to build a resilient, dependable technique (method of carrying out a skilled activity). Practice is what one does to bridge the gap between his/her best intentions or dreams, and reality. In other words, practice is making consistent the application of desired choices; one practices making choices, so that they become “second nature,” automatic, as natural as breathing.
WHY practice? Learning without application is of questionable value; in a skill such as singing, learning is arguably worthless—unless validated by consistent practice. One does not learn to sing only in the voice lesson; vital concepts are introduced there, but the student builds with and upon those concepts/techniques in the practice room (studio class, the coaching studio, the opera rehearsal, the choral rehearsal, in performances…). It is important that techniques introduced in the lesson be promptly, thoroughly and regularly supported by generous amounts of time in practice. Much influence comes from teachers, coaches, conductors, colleagues, etc., but the student must embrace his/her right and responsibilities as Chair of the Vocal Board.

"It is God's Spirit and only God's Spirit that can rightly interpret the words of life to our spirits. That's why I pray that God will help me to stick to the text when preaching, not doing so much of what I used to do, showing off my cross referencing skills and making things fit my world view, but presenting texts in a way that will encourage thought and promote personal seeking of God, Then trust the Holy Spirit ti interpret the material to the heart of individuals, who knows, he may have a different message for each of us all from the same passage. One thing is for sure, we all have a different ministry." Reverend Ricky Barnes

Soul freedom: the soul is competent before God, and capable of making decisions in matters of faith without coercion or compulsion by any larger religious or civil body
Church freedom: freedom of the local church from outside interference, whether government or civilian (subject only to the law where it does not interfere with the religious teachings and practices of the church)
Bible freedom: the individual is free to interpret the Bible for himself or herself, using the best tools of scholarship and biblical study available to the individual
Religious freedom: the individual is free to choose whether to practice their religion, another religion, or no religion; Separation of church and state is often called the "civil corollary" of religious freedom


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