Letter to the President

Mr President.  I will keep this short and to the point so that noone important will nod off while watching.  Your speech on the fiscal condition of the United States yesterday created quite a stir for me and many others.  I had hoped for a change that would embrace the ideals of common goals and purposes that you have so eloquently presented in the past. What I heard was a blatant ideological, partisan attack on “the other side”.  While this may have rallied your liberal base of supporters, it equally inflames the conservatives and does nothing but fan the flames of divide.  

I am a libertarian and I believe in America, my heritage and my future as an American. Your judgemental, elitist posturing and your choice to use “blistering partisanship and multiple distortions” as you demonized the conservative vision of America was disheartening and dishonest.  When the money runs out, it is too late. At some point the credit card bills have to be paid. Over an over again, you placed blame on all who have come before you, while you ducked accountability and ownership.  You are the President of the United States. Act like it and lead, sir.

I am not like many on the conservative side who call for a return to the “old ways” and “old times”.  Those days are past.  You are right when you state that we must win the future. Our connectedness and communications mindsets have forever changed America. The future is unknown but we cannot soar ahead with so much burden.  We must put our own house in order first.  Show us the numbers and teach us.

Our problems stem from overspending. On that, I believe you and I would agree.  I don’t then understand why we attack the problem by asking for more and more money. Increasing our debt, buying time.. quite literally.   I’ll grant that this is a policy which may be rooted in some semblance of Hope.. but it is not a management strategy and it will not deliver positive change. It will put us all another day older and deeper in debt. If the stimulus and spending didn't work in the past, and we have never successfully executed cuts before.. perhaps that is the answer. 

Hope is what we must rely on after we have executed a good management strategy.  Prove that you can deliver spending reform.  Seek massive tax reform. If the spending cuts don’t work, then raising taxes “on everyone” may become a reality. We will listen, and respond accordingly and honestly.  I want to do my part. As you said, we must pay for these wars.. but prove your worthiness as a leader first. 

Change things. Eliminate programs and incent private investment to replace those services. Help the people help themselves. Please! Don’t go into your partisan big government, tax and spend, bunker of traditional political ideology. Stride boldly into a future believing the best in American citizens rather than managing for the worst. Inspire us to solve problems on our own.

Provide us a vision for a united America.. seeking a future of vitality and opportunity for us and our children together.  After you say it..  then you must do it.  Attacking your ideological opponents is not a vision. As for me and my house, well... we trust in powers far greater than you and the government.. and we will find a way to succeed no matter what you do. The questions before us is.. How hard do you plan to make it for us?

Sincerely and Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Prillaman
Midlothian, Virginia


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