2011 Budget blame game - maddening

President Obama says he doesn't want to play politics with budget. -- Infuriating doublespeak with little to no leadership has become the norm.

The only reason that we do not have a 2011 budget already in force is that President Obama and the Democratic majority led congress of 2010 CHOSE not to pass one for political reasons. The did not do their jobs.  Obama Pelosi and Reid cannot hide from this fact.  They could have, should have, and didn't pass a budget when they had the chance.  Now we are embroiled in a debate over literally "peanuts" compared to where our attention should be..

If the Federal gov't is shut down later this week, the blame lands squarely on President Obama.  To quote the Wisconsin Unions..   #FAIL  SHAME

Where is the vaunted rhetoric of hope and change now?

The doubletalk, spin, and hypocrisy in this national discussion is maddening.


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