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Rejection is hard and cold but reality rending one from another.

Redemption renews the heart and soul through resolution to reconciliation, submission, service and sacrifice.

Relevance and relationship is revealed through the resurrection.

Principles 2 Practice in Life Communities

A community of practice for life.. need to know...
HOW to INTERPRET SCRIPTURE (apply it) Context& BackgroundLook for pervasive, big themes.. not single pointsCorrelation between Old&New Testament is what.. New is fulfillment of the oldFilter through Jesus’ actionsTrust HOLY SPIRIT within you to teach you.. explain to you… help you…Filter through your service…PRACTICE!! Practice: ELEM ELEY WHAT is practice? According to Merriam-Webster, practice is “systematic exercise for proficiency.” Practice must involve experimenting/improvising (creative energy), but it is primarily to channel that energy into training. Practice is the investment of hours and years to build a resilient, dependable technique (method of carrying out a skilled activity). Practice is what one does to bridge the gap between his/her best intentions or dreams, and reality. In other words, practice is making consistent the application of desired choices; one practices making choices, so that they become “second natur…

Active friend choices

"Actively choosing to only have people in my life who make an effort. No more friends, etc. who are too lazy or self-motivated to reach out." - Sarah
Friendships are a precious commodity in today's always connected social media world.  Caring about others is more than words and empty rhetoric.  Brotherhood involves sacrifice and an awareness that others' needs are important. Being there is more than you can do for the entire world. If you spread yourself too thin, you risk a total collapse. 
Choose your friends wisely.. and then care for them as the precious resources that they are.  For acquaintances that don't bear fruit and become a drain on the whole.. walk away without regret.  Pruning and Refining are violent processes which provide spectacular results.

Each of us has the right to assess the roads which lie ahead and those over which we have traveled, and if the future looms ominous or unpromising, and the roads back uninviting, then we need …


Choices set forward a path into which life's journey unfolds. 
Surely, Suddenly, Seriously... Signs mark the milestones. Moments, Memories, Many... Miles exact a toll.  The destination is known as the price is paid.  Passion prepared the way. As for me, and my house, I choose Service, Self, Sin, Submission... Enslaved, yet freed by the sacrifice. It is my choices which chart history  followed by a future filled with hope. Choices here, made then, for now.

do it in public?

Why do I post so much content on the internet? Why do I link articles and commentary, and ideas and create forums for both one way and two way communication via social media?

There is an attitude in the world which wrongly surmises that social media and the internet are largely about self aggrandizing, narcissistic, navel gazing, self promotion.  Poppycock... 
Do I care what others think of me.. sure. But writing online is no different that talking to friends on a guys night out, or discussing ideas at work with colleagues.  Important things happened in my life after discussions on benches, parking lots, doorways, and even dorm rooms in college and ever since. That is how the world works. We learn from others and from our own trials and errors.  
In a world based on relationships, the barriers of time and geography are very real.  The internet allows us to bridge these gaps but not without cost, and the requirement for new skills and awareness. I think out loud as do millions of others. …

Letter to the President

Mr President.  I will keep this short and to the point so that noone important will nod off while watching.  Your speech on the fiscal condition of the United States yesterday created quite a stir for me and many others.  I had hoped for a change that would embrace the ideals of common goals and purposes that you have so eloquently presented in the past. What I heard was a blatant ideological, partisan attack on “the other side”.  While this may have rallied your liberal base of supporters, it equally inflames the conservatives and does nothing but fan the flames of divide.  

I am a libertarian and I believe in America, my heritage and my future as an American. Your judgemental, elitist posturing and your choice to use “blistering partisanship and multiple distortions” as you demonized the conservative vision of America was disheartening and dishonest.  When the money runs out, it is too late. At some point the credit card bills have to be paid. Over an over again, you placed blame on …

Virginia Tenors sing to Stop Hunger Now!

Hello all,  
I'll be singing in a powerfully fun concert tomorrow afternoon.. April 10, 4pm at Trinity United Methodist Church as a benefit for Stop Hunger Now!.. with some wonderful Tenor colleagues including Tracey Welborn and Kenneth Wood.   

We'll be singing all your favorite Tenor arias in all sorts of combinations..  (e.g. Nessun Dorma, Libiamo, Flower Song, Che gelida, Lenski's aria, La Donna mobile, and even a rousing version of O Sole Mio!!! 

Great cause! Great Music!   Tickets are only $10 at the door..
I'd love to see you there.
General Admission seating! 4pm  April 10, 2011 Sanctuary of Trinity United Methodist Church 903 Forest Avenue
Richmond, VA

Classic Troll technique or Intelligent debate: fine line

Learned couple of important things last night via Facebook.

1. What is a Classic Troll?   I was accused of being one in a rather intense personal debate thread. Truth is, I didn't know what a troll was.. so... I looked it up.   via Google of course ;-)
"Over the years, cases of amateur failtrolls and users on the losing side of an argument have created a misconception about what trolling really is. Some interwebs users have found the internet an excellent place to get on their soapbox and spout unsolicited opinions, which is the major cause of arguing on the internet. Trolling both sides, though entertaining, is a very easy form of trolling and thus is often used by newer, inexperienced trolls. As it's become commonplace, it's also become a common excuse for a user who loses an internet argument. To say that they never intended to win the argument the entire time is a justification for their inadequate argument skills.
Since then, the definition of trolling (through e…

2011 Budget blame game - maddening

President Obama says he doesn't want to play politics with budget. -- Infuriating doublespeak with little to no leadership has become the norm.

The only reason that we do not have a 2011 budget already in force is that President Obama and the Democratic majority led congress of 2010 CHOSE not to pass one for political reasons. The did not do their jobs.  Obama Pelosi and Reid cannot hide from this fact.  They could have, should have, and didn't pass a budget when they had the chance.  Now we are embroiled in a debate over literally "peanuts" compared to where our attention should be..

If the Federal gov't is shut down later this week, the blame lands squarely on President Obama.  To quote the Wisconsin Unions..   #FAIL  SHAME

Where is the vaunted rhetoric of hope and change now?

The doubletalk, spin, and hypocrisy in this national discussion is maddening.

Randian Review to remember

"The basic and crucial political issue of our age is: capitalism versus socialism, or freedom versus statism.
For decades, this issue has been silenced, suppressed, evaded, and hidden under the foggy, undefined rubber-terms of 'conservatism' and 'liberalism' which had lost their original meaning and could be stretched to mean all things to all men." Ayn Rand

"The only man who desires to be moral is the man who desires to live. No, you do not have to live; it is your basic act of choice; but if you choose to live, you must live as a man---by the work and the judgement of your mind." John Galt

“For if there is more tragic a fool than the businessman who doesn’t know that he is an exponent of man’s highest creative spirit, it is the artist who thinks that the businessman is his enemy.“ Composer Richard Halley. -- Ayn Rand, from Atlas Shrugged

"Who is the public? What does it hold as its good? There was a time when men believed that 'the good…

Value of Multi Disciplinary Innovation & Leadership

The idea of the artist, architect, innovator, improver resonates pretty strongly with me. So many people could do this effectively if they would learn to listen and make the connections/links  between their "multiple roles" in life. from parenting, to volunteer leadership, to family care providers, to friends/listeners, to performers. It all applies. 

Valuable doesn't equal Valued!

While multi disciplinary innovation is valuable.. it is rarely valued within large organizations and institutions. The very foundations of innovation are catalytic and often destructive if not properly channeled. How often do we simply attriibute the title of "flighty" to a multi-disciplinary thinker? or even worse... We state, that their connections were "obvious, or common-sense" followed by a general disregard for their contribution. We choose to not think.

To be valued, one must embrace the concepts of T-shaped leadership as outlined by Morten Hansen in h…

Out with the old ONE, in with new.


NEW --

Only took about 7 months to get business cards.. ;-) that is an improvement too!