Digitally distinct?

Read a few articles about personal branding lately and found a good tool to work and "assess"an online personal brand... Apparently, I'm digitally distinct! How exciting ;-)

Tool is at

I am digitally distinct! Visit

FINDINGS for ME (Jeff Prillaman) 
The graph above shows your Volume and Relevance of results and positions you in our Online ID four box model. Congratulations. You are digitally distinct!

This is the nirvana of online identity. A search of your name yields lots of results about you, and most, if not all, reinforce your unique personal brand. Keep up the good work, and remember that your Google results can change as fast as the weather in New England. So, regularly monitor your online identity. That way, if something negative, such as an anonymous ad hominem attack on your character on a blog, crops up, you can address it quickly, before it gets out of hand. Read Chapter 11 of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand for more ideas on how to continue to build your brand online.

In addition to Volume and Relevance, there are two additional measures you need to be concerned with:Purity and Diversity. Purity speaks to how many of the results are about you (not about someone else who has the same name.) Diversity speaks to the multi-media aspect of the results (how much content displayed was in images or video, etc.)


Your Purity Score is: Stellar
This means you either have a unique name or you have done an outstanding job building relevant, high ranking content on the World Wide Web (or both). Bravo! Keep up the great work!


Your Diversity Score is: High
Bravo. You have a great deal of multi-media and/or real-time content. Keep up the great work by continuing to post relevant images/videos at sites like Flickr ( and YouTube ( and use Twitter ( to connect with your brand community.


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