Tea party racists?

Is the Tea party racist?  NO!  It IS that simple... 
Are there racists within the Tea Party?  maybe.. I can even get to probably.. but none I've seen in VA.. no different than any other large, free, public, movement.. There is likely a distribution curve of reality and practicality within the whole. The media narrative that the intention of the Tea Party is race is hogwash!

What bothers me is the indictment of just Tea Party as some sort of whole. The power of the movement is its diversity. 

I consider myself a "tea partier" as are many good people here in Richmond VA... This is intensely personal.  

We are not racist, we are not extremists... We are seeking a future rooted in economic prosperity and good judgement as Americans.. smaller gov't and more freedom and opportunity... as an ideology... Jamie Radtke(running for Senate) is an eloquent champion and spokesperson that has impressed me with her writing. 

Race isn't even part of the discussion except when it is injected into the dialogue by the "opposition". It comes as an attack on the speakers rather than the ideology. An attempt to judge the intentions of all based on very few. This tendency to so quickly judge other based on an "affiliation" or name is what frightens me most. 

We are all guilty of preconceived stereotypical "judgement".. unfortunately, this horrible behavior seems rooted in US.. black, white, rich, poor... and everything else... Whenever I dive deeper in my relationships with those different from me, I'm truly amazed at how much we have in common. 

We choose to focus on differences rather than similarities. and it is a despicable choice which leads to horrible things... actions, and yes those all powerful words.


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