Precedent from President

The debate rages in Wisconsin. I am conflicted on the hard line positions of the Wisconsin Republicans. Ultimately, I would likely side with them if I had to vote.. but it seems that many of the arguments are disingenuous.  on all sides.. this is only barely about $$, it is all about power and politics...

That said.. I think it is likely over. Wisconsin elected the majority, and the representatives are now acting according to their "conscience" and mandate.

Those conservative politicians in Wisconsin learned their lessons from watching ObamaLosiReid machine slam the healthcare reform into law despite the widespread dissent among the public.  They learned that the majority representatives have no obligation to the dissenting minority of Americans.

This lesson is terrible.  The actions of the past don't justify the actions of the present or future, but the President certainly set a precedent in his actions.

He wrote a playbook which the WI Republicans are following... every word, every page.


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