Pendulum swing is no coincidence

Liberal president and congress literally forces through thousands of pages of legislation with "collective/unified" opposition from the opposing party. We are acting on our moral conscience and mandate of the recent election to change things. This will be for the greater good. This is the sort of country that we should all want to live in.  The opposition party mounts a successful electoral season/campaign and is now positioning to replace/repeal the previous legislative agendas.

Conservative governors and legislatures in states follow suit after winning an "historic" election. They are acting on their moral conscience and a mandate of change relative to the recent election.  The people begin protesting in the streets...and the elected representatives of the "opposition party" flee town to duck and delay in an attempt to "shut down" the gov't.    Where is the collective approach to use the political system and replace/repeal...

The people are polarized and in conflict.  The system stands and is working as long as it is respected. We are a representative democracy. When our representatives abandon their posts as leaders and act divisively.. "we the people" pay the price. The ensuing media wars only broaden the conflict and fan the flames of discord for ratings.

This must all stop. We must act as adults and recognize our needs, and wants.. balancing individual and collective actions within a system of controls.

We the people are collectively bargaining for our future when we elect representatives. Those leaders are charged with leadership and action. They must lead and influence, and decide, and act.. not hide and "tattle tale" on their colleagues like some sick scene from kindergarten or middle school.

We must stand collectively for the rights of individuals within a system of democracy rooted in compassion, and collective accountability. This means that when something isn't working, we must select a new path, and if that doesn't work.. we can select again.. freely.  That is what elections are for...

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