IDEA: Visual Resume, Personal Brand, Self Promotion & LinkedIN

"Me" At a Glance, as an IT Professional

As I checked in on my Linked In profile this am,  I had the idea that I don't have an "affiliations" view of myself in the professional world.. at least not a visual one.  Every company in the world has a "prerequisite" slide with graphics, and logos of all of their customers.. It is part of the basic sales, and reputation toolkit.

Suggestion to LinkedIN: create a groups/affiliations view.. sort of like the one above.. Words just aren't enough in the new competitive marketplace for talent.

Jeff Prillaman on LinkedIN

I am an innovative, experienced thought leader with a proven track record of globally recognized, award winning results.

I rely on a relentless customer focus, bridging the gap between architecture, artistry, and results oriented actions via strategic project and portfolio investment, technology, and carefully orchestrated organizational change management. 

People focus, process excellence, and diversity of perspective are my leadership key performance indicators.

Specialties: Project and Portfolio Management, Social Networking and Communications: (Portals/Collaboration/Wikis), Video Conferencing, VoIP, Telephony, Video on Demand (VOD) Intrinsic Motivation 2.0 (Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose), Organizational Change Management/ADKAR, ERP/Human Resources management systems (Peoplesoft HRMS), Outsourcing and Strategic Supplier Management


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