Anniversary of an exit

Messiah in Dec 2004,
Branch's Baptist Church
Today is the anniversary of my exit from institutional church music ministry leadership within traditional churches. I was too polarizing, too "liberal", too committed to transformation and change and inclusionary music making.  I "failed"... many would say.

I have a very different perspective.  On Feb 13 2005, the personnel committee of Branch's Baptist Church launched a music ministry freed from the boundaries of the church.  Free to influence and lead as a teacher, singer, performer, technologist, and even administrator...out in the world.  It marked the beginning of something powerful for me and my family.  It created the space, time and motivation for the founding of the Da Capo Institute.  Thank you Lord, for knowing best, and for having a plan to prosper me, not harm me.. even from that place of such intense pain and searching. My identity and purpose was shaken, stirred and in the end, I stood the test and was better for it.

Future is full of so much opportunity. I have no idea what is coming, but my faith sustains me, music inspires me, and the Lord is life and my salvation.  Whom then shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life!


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