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Quickest path to unity and war - Make an Enemy

I am no more a political scientist than Martin Sheen was the President of the United States, though I'd love to play one on TV.. ;-) but....

The US "protests" are flawed.  whether TeaParty or ProUnion.

The collective demonization of "they" "him" coupled with stereotypical derisive attack rhetoric very effectively creates an enemy that does not actually exist.

The issues are not simple and pure ideological positions do not exist.  Counterfactual extrapolation of consequences in the future based on interpretations of current events is not an exact science.  It is ALL relative.

The "people" are being polarized and manipulated on all sides and they forget that those on the other side are just people as well.  Their opponents aren't "issues". They are people, with families, and homes, and children, and bills, and debts, and churches, and beliefs... but THEY ARE PEOPLE.  Each has a right to be heard, and respected for the individuals…

Pendulum swing is no coincidence

Liberal president and congress literally forces through thousands of pages of legislation with "collective/unified" opposition from the opposing party. We are acting on our moral conscience and mandate of the recent election to change things. This will be for the greater good. This is the sort of country that we should all want to live in.  The opposition party mounts a successful electoral season/campaign and is now positioning to replace/repeal the previous legislative agendas.

Conservative governors and legislatures in states follow suit after winning an "historic" election. They are acting on their moral conscience and a mandate of change relative to the recent election.  The people begin protesting in the streets...and the elected representatives of the "opposition party" flee town to duck and delay in an attempt to "shut down" the gov't.    Where is the collective approach to use the political system and replace/repeal...

The people ar…

Precedent from President

The debate rages in Wisconsin. I am conflicted on the hard line positions of the Wisconsin Republicans. Ultimately, I would likely side with them if I had to vote.. but it seems that many of the arguments are disingenuous.  on all sides.. this is only barely about $$, it is all about power and politics...

That said.. I think it is likely over. Wisconsin elected the majority, and the representatives are now acting according to their "conscience" and mandate.

Those conservative politicians in Wisconsin learned their lessons from watching ObamaLosiReid machine slam the healthcare reform into law despite the widespread dissent among the public.  They learned that the majority representatives have no obligation to the dissenting minority of Americans.

This lesson is terrible.  The actions of the past don't justify the actions of the present or future, but the President certainly set a precedent in his actions.

He wrote a playbook which the WI Republicans are following... eve…

Actions following words - Accountability

A few weeks ago, my middle school girls went on a bit of a binge attacking one another openly. They were meanspirited, dismissive, derisive, and downright ugly to one another repeatedly..  I went the normal route for the first few days, punishing, again, and again, and again..
I believe strongly that our actions should follow our words, and we as a family invest hundreds of hours in service to others. I couldn't understand how these lovely young ladies could so easily throw out what they learn at church, and in our home.. Their actions didn't even come close to their words, and it was infuriating to watch as a parent.
Clearly, the punishment model I had previously used was not working so I adopted a new approach.

I assigned them a mandatory multistage project forcing them to think individually, write, then combine their ideas, and finally to work together and create a "PPSA" Prillaman public service announcement.

Step 1:  they were required to write a one page pap…

Benevolence plan for world?

After a long FB thread where I decried the big government approach to entitlements and benevolence.  This question was asked...

Jeff--what WOULD you do with people who are poor and needy?
And do you think business is a better model for meeting social needs than the government? If so, why?

Individual service to a brother is enough. When more choose to serve, then the despair will be lessoned. A service mindset cannot be mandated or regulated. It must be freely given. I take this model from my faith, and from Jesus' model when he was on the Earth.

I make a difference personally in my community. in my church.. I serve and model service to others... I actively talk and influence within my community, and to the world.. and others join because they see my actions and their impact. My heart is rooted in love for others and my minds shows me that they must be taught to care for themselves... not have all given to them.

It is enough. God takes care of the world, always has, always will... su…

Anniversary of an exit

Today is the anniversary of my exit from institutional church music ministry leadership within traditional churches. I was too polarizing, too "liberal", too committed to transformation and change and inclusionary music making.  I "failed"... many would say.

I have a very different perspective.  On Feb 13 2005, the personnel committee of Branch's Baptist Church launched a music ministry freed from the boundaries of the church.  Free to influence and lead as a teacher, singer, performer, technologist, and even administrator...out in the world.  It marked the beginning of something powerful for me and my family.  It created the space, time and motivation for the founding of the Da Capo Institute.  Thank you Lord, for knowing best, and for having a plan to prosper me, not harm me.. even from that place of such intense pain and searching. My identity and purpose was shaken, stirred and in the end, I stood the test and was better for it.

Future is full of so much op…

Tea party racists?

Is the Tea party racist?  NO!  It IS that simple... 
Are there racists within the Tea Party?  maybe.. I can even get to probably.. but none I've seen in VA.. no different than any other large, free, public, movement.. There is likely a distribution curve of reality and practicality within the whole. The media narrative that the intention of the Tea Party is race is hogwash!

What bothers me is the indictment of just Tea Party as some sort of whole. The power of the movement is its diversity. 

I consider myself a "tea partier" as are many good people here in Richmond VA... This is intensely personal.  

We are not racist, we are not extremists... We are seeking a future rooted in economic prosperity and good judgement as Americans.. smaller gov't and more freedom and opportunity... as an ideology... Jamie Radtke(running for Senate) is an eloquent champion and spokesperson that has impressed me with her writing.

Race isn't even part of the discussion except when it is inj…

Picture worth more than the words.. not so much.. but still valuable.

These 4 books and their authors have been at the center of my thinking for months.. HIGHLY Recommended reading..

After you read the Bible and Atlas Shrugged of course ;-)

Consulting, Education and Business Transformation

The OBVIOUS: "You can't change the system if you are not part of it. But if you are part of the system, you can't see the system and the trigger for change."
Successful transformation isn't about giving the client a document or a shiny new tool, roadmap, or even a set of sample surveys and communications. Consultants "bring fresh eyes, knowledge, skills and insight, contextual based tools and training" where needed. Success, in the end, is about developing relationships and trust. It is as much about about listening as talking.  We help the clients to use and expand what they know. Just as it is in education, the value stream from great consultancy is derived from the relationship and the discourse more than the process and the deliverable.  
To be successful, we must create a collaborative forum with clients where solutions can be jointly explored, tested and then employed for continuing value.  Delivering a document or a presentation isn't enough. T…

IDEA: Visual Resume, Personal Brand, Self Promotion & LinkedIN

As I checked in on my Linked In profile this am,  I had the idea that I don't have an "affiliations" view of myself in the professional world.. at least not a visual one.  Every company in the world has a "prerequisite" slide with graphics, and logos of all of their customers.. It is part of the basic sales, and reputation toolkit.

Suggestion to LinkedIN: create a groups/affiliations view.. sort of like the one above.. Words just aren't enough in the new competitive marketplace for talent.

Jeff Prillaman on LinkedIN

I am an innovative, experienced thought leader with a proven track record of globally recognized, award winning results.

I rely on a relentless customer focus, bridging the gap between architecture, artistry, and results oriented actions via strategic project and portfolio investment, technology, and carefully orchestrated organizational change management. 

People focus, process excellence, and diversity of perspective are my leadership key p…

O'Reilly's Factor rude? or Bold/Fresh?

Good conversation on Facebook about this.. I don't think he is rude... I think he tells it like it is and questions others with equal passion and vigor..

O'Reilly Factor: Confident ideas & commentary stated without equivocation or apology. Debate and active discourse of ideas and positions, in a competitive media environment subject to political, public market forces rather than a historical pseudo-objective standard.

Singer's Paradox of control

The ultimate controlled/SUCCESSFUL performance comes when you are exhibiting the least "control".. instead the artist within is exploring the boundaries of the moments as they are created...

The expectations are eliminated and replaced by explorations within the singers' individual boundaries, experience, and innate attachment to the divine spark. 
Inspired by Kavbar's Blog on Active Passivity

Bloody Hell Mate... Fat, Forty, Fired.. Work Life Balance dirty little secrets...

Nigel Marsh provides some of the most poignant career advice I've heard in long time.  Good use of reality based, tell it like it is.. approach.  He gets to the nub of the problem.. succinctly and strategically.

Take charge of your own life. Never, ever leave it up to the company..

Applies to workers in:

Performer based arts agenciesChurchesCorporations
and beyond....

Danger: Social Media sequencing & the News Feed

Confession: I'm addicted to this social media phenomenon. I love to tweet about articles or events, share photos, promote local restaurants I love, pan stores and restaurants who don't provide good service, and discuss EVERYTHING on Facebook.   I share photos, link to articles..and stir up civil discourse bridging politics, religion, and economics, sometimes with more successful outcomes than others. I'm able to keep many threads running all at once in my head.

My life is frenetic, from the 4 kids, to church, to teaching, to performing and traveling.. and then there is my real job as a video solutions architect for Cisco.   I am the only person that appreciates or even considers the linearity or totality of all that I read and write.  Sharing ideas and learning from others is central to my existence, yet in that sharing... my friends are at a disadvantage and I must remain constantly aware of how my information will be received.

The tools.. FB, Twitter, and even this blog…

Give and Take2

Taking from the successful/wealthy to enforce collective brotherhood and charity is not freedom, or individual benevolence. and.. It isn't beneficial... in this case we are effectively taking something because a third party "decided" that it is best for all.. that collective view is the failure pt.

Individuals must choose to give freely not out of coercion or mandate by a ruling institution.
Collective taking from some to give to others removes free will, and plants the seeds of demise at the very core of "intentions for the greater good.  Even if the some are wealthy and corrupt, the action of stealing from them only further corrupts the "taker" and infuriates the "giver"

These thoughts began with GIVE AND TAKE "post #1" last year..