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Media mental matters

"...People don't want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some sort of instinct, they feel that they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they'll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue--a highly intellectual virtue--out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt." --

"For if there is more tragic a fool than the businessman who doesn’t know that he is an exponent of man’s highest creative spirit, it is the artist who thinks that the businessman is his enemy.“ Composer Richard Halley. --

-- Ayn Rand, from Atlas Shrugged

Making the call as "the man"

Last night the rain/sleet/snow/sleet/snow/ICE cycle hit Richmond again right at rush hour.  This sort of situation create a major decision point for leaders all over the region.  
To cancel, or not to cancel Wed night activities?  churches, schools, music lessons, sports practices...
Make the call earlier friends. Remember the hundreds of dependancies in your constituency... Forge ahead and trust your gut, but remember that you are accountable for your mistakes, and apologies are welcome where bad calls are made and then "reversed" at the last minute. Last minute emergency reversals are worse in many cases because they increase the drama unnecessarily, in every household, every mind.. distracting with little value. 
My advice, ALWAYS err on the side of safety.  One injury or accident is too many. Calls of "it wasn't that bad", "in my day".. will be there regardless. 
Toughness in leadership is sacrificing the institution and the programs for the people'…

Patience, feel the force...

Short post to follow:  I had my first really "jeff" week with my new job this week.  I've been contributing all along, but now I feel like I have begun to turn a corner, and deliver not only documents, and knowledge but with influence and leadership.

It still remains a long way from my previous days of being the boss, but I'm glad that I've survived long enough to contribute.  I hope many more weeks like this one will follow...

All you can ask for from a job:

Opportunity to learnOpportunity to really contribute

One is enough, but when both come together.. It is like "feeling the force, letting it flow through you"

Personal note:
I'm ready for some great football on Sunday... Wabbam! Shazam! and that is just about all I have to say about that.

Palin Tanking

I am not a player of World of Warcraft but I was taught about an important strategy within WOW last year by a good friend.  It is called "Tanking". When a difficult target needs to be brought down,  one player on the team becomes the "tank"... they rush in and take all of the most violent attacks thus opening the way for the rest of the team to sweep in and secure the objective.

Perhaps, Sarah Palin is a "Tank" for the conservative leaning thoughts here in the USA.  She can take the shots in the press because she is popular, and real.  She has good skills, and draws attention from the most dangerous opponents to any modern conservative.. the media.

I'm just sayin... it could be happening. ;-) and the lady on the cover of that box, kind of looks like her ;-)

Influence over the "unhinged"

Popular buzzwords this week in the wake of the Tucson tragedy.


I have a simple question.  If the argument is that political rhetoric influenced the "unhinged" fringe, mentally unstable portion of our society, then shouldn't there be a reasonable connection with them watching, or obsessing with exactly that speech?

I've heard many a media commentator claim that it just intuitive, common sense, to make that connection even though it can't be proven.

Seems to me, that if we are making that argument, then the connection to the movies, and entertainment forms of all types is a far more likely channel for such a connection.

Why would speech by political leaders be somehow more influential?  than video games: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield... Movies from Inception, and the Matrix, Bad Boys, to Sniper, and even James Bond... where solutions are always at the end of a gun or some explosion.
My common s…

Freedom to not speak

One of the things that irritated me as a "conservative" during the Bush presidency was his unwillingness to engage and debate the vicious attacks made against him as both a person and a president. It was honorable, and presidential for sure, but I felt slighted, often burying my anger as I followed his lead.  I wonder if perhaps many conservatives feel this way now, and that is part of what is fueling the fires of political attack rhetoric on all sides. (something else we can blame on Bush ;-)  Pent up frustration of so many years of "turning the other cheek".. Now with Blogging, and FB, and Twitter, we can speak up and fight back.. for ourselves. 

A bigger question: Is this wise?   A trusted mentor once told me that often it is better in the end to just remove the fuse from the metaphoric bomb, to give in, and let the wrong approach "run its course", even into the "ditch".  He passionately defended a position that the damage from the fight woul…