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Christmas Eve Services... consumer or a provider? are you going to give in worship or get?

Recent article on "The LarkNews" regarding a NC church downsizing spurred a great commentary thread on Facebook.  I don't know Kevin Ryan Cartwright personally.. but he wrote a brilliant commentary on the mega-church phenomena today...  The only real question is.. What sort of services are YOU seeking in YOUR church.  My bottom line: Worship is about giving, not getting... Church leaders should be about helping their members to see and listen more directly to God's work in their lives...

The failure of the modern church is rooted in the desire to seek numbers, influence... and power.  "Blessings and resources turned inward on themselves to further the institution or the person, are an abomination before God" Bert Browning

Mega-churches are capitalist business enterprises and therefore are profit-driven rather than Gospel-driven. To the board of directors and the owner of the enterprise and property contained therein (commonly called the "pastor"),…

3 Tenors 3 Chefs "Make a difference" for Vets in RVA

Will be great to sing for a sold out house tomorrow night.

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Precision and passion present in so few people.

Listening to Joshua Russell and Lloyd Arriola play in the last nights was like crack cocaine for this recovering performance addict.

The epitome of all that is profound about music in the world was manifest for so few here in Bon Air/Richmond. Their emotions and souls poured from the piano like water from a pitcher onto a concrete floor. Changing everything as it went, but harming nothing. Flowing, settling, filling every nook and cranny of our souls, ebbing and flowing through our imperfections and even now, it has not left.

The winds of a new day simply blow and dry the surface. The residue is left, perhaps its essence.. The pitcher moves on to another floor, another venue.. bigger more famous.. My soul seeks more water, more nourishment and finds comfort in the company of friends and familiar places.

The powerful sensation of having the water affect me in a "moment" passes into memory, to be cherished as it becomes another story to be told. Thank you Lloyd and Joshua fo…

Hypocritical Bias

Hypocrite: : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion; a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Bias: an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment -- definitions via Merriam Webster
In the era of real time 24x7 politics coupled with social media discussion and commentary, how do we define hypocrisy in behavior and communications.  Is it bad, or is it unavoidable for any mature mass communicator?

The issue of bias in commentary for bloggers is easiest to address.  Commentary based writing has no reason to avoid bias when it is used as a form of free speech.  If and when the reporting transcends some magical line and begins to be viewed as journalism, then different standards would of course apply.

VaTenor is a life biased blog representing the views of one man, and those views have matured and changes significantly over the past 5 years.  The original name on this blog was C…


Couple of years ago, my wife and I "invested" in couple of nice LazyBoy recliners, like millions of other families around the world. We have put those things through their paces with kids jumping, climbing, sitting, and every flavor of rocking.  In last few months, my "office" recliner has served double duty as a semi upright bed.. Who knew? it works pretty well. 
When suffering from colds, flu, and many varieties of ailments, sleeping in a big comfy recliner isn't all that bad..  Strangely, all of the flashing lights on my routers, phones, monitors are calming at 3:18am..  
Invest in a good recliner.. you just never know when you'll need it, and there is some seriously "interesting" tv on in the middle of the night.. I'm just saying.

Raising Taxes

I've written extensively on this blog on how I believe that excessive taxation is bad for the economy and for the liberty of the people.. see (Give & Take).

That said,   I understand the need to pay our bills. We have been at war for over 10 years.  We have gigantic gov't programs (that do basicly good things) that have to be supported.

Here is what I need from OUR leaders in Washington.
Get out of the war business, and global police business, and show some REAL progress on fixing our entitlement programs. FIRST... after you have demonstrated leadership and progress, if raising taxes is necessary.. So Be It.. but raise them on everyone. We all benefit, we should all pay...

Comprehensive tax reform.. and seeking less $ from more people is the true answer..

Class Warfare and pass the buck blame games... Pathetic.

Disappointment in numbers.

Numbers, Nickels, Noses...  From ministry to the arts world,  survival is about managing to the bottom line, the world counts success by these measures.

How many studentshow many in the audiencehow much money raised... how new are your facilities... what is the cool factor that will attract...@RickWarren: Never confuse prominence with significance....Unseen doesn't equal unimportant. #missionalrenaissance #leadership
INSPIRATION... VALUE... IMPACT... all worthy ideas, but nearly impossible to correlate with a harsh, competitive reality. The illusion of success is a drug... the service impact is thrilling, to see services making a difference where none existed before.. but it just isn't enough.

To survive... spreading the cost, seeking supporters who freely give, Faith in a mission greater than self, rooted in service..

Today just isn't a great day.. maybe the next two weeks will turn it around. Because if the numbers aren't there, the curtain doesn't rise.. even on…

( Who Am I ) VATENOR Fun with combining FB & LinkedIn

Leadership, Technology, Transformation Results Tenor | Performing Arts | Father | Consultant Information Technology and Services

I am an experienced technology leader in service delivery management and large project execution.

My leadership programs(workplace and workforce transformations bridging HR, CRE facilities, and Technology) have been globally recognized in industry publications and prestigious associational forums for their award winning results. Relentless customer focus and disciplined proactive outcome based planning are linchpins in my plans.

My diverse experience base includes full life cycle budget/staff/group leadership, employee development and coaching, technology project delivery oversight & execution, performing arts production, university faculty, along side non-profit and church leadership roles.

This history of innovative leadership leverages Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools, driving to measurable operational efficiency improvements and innovations in communic…

Intransigence in place of collaboration - Bad things happen

As we all watched in horror, the government leaders of the United States of America devolved into a group of high school class officers attempting to plan a senior prom, thus creating a mish mash of nothingness in their final solution to the debt ceiling crisis.. if it can be called that.. The problem is of course, the debt.. not the debt ceiling..

Ideology is important, but in the face of war, financial ruin, and stability where real lives are at risk.. the stakes are higher, the behavior should match.

Our leaders fundamentally don't agree that operating with huge amounts of debt is a problem.  Well some of them don't... Hopefully, that is changing soon for both parties.


Debt is that which is ; usually referencing assets owed, but the term can also cover moral obligations and other interactions not requiring money. In the case of assets, debt is a means of using future purchasing power in the present before a summation has been earned. ...…

Prayer for day

Not unique I know, but worth remembering and reusing. If you like it, please copy it and amend as you like.. that is how I came up with this one.. and so much of my life.
Every once in a while, it is worth writing these down.. explicitly.

Dear God,
I come to you as humbly as I know how. I confess my sins, those known and unknown. I fail and I fall short of your expectations everyday of my life. Right Now I take time out to say Thank You for your mercy, my health, my family and my friends, the roof over my head, food on my table, and everything​ I have. I pray that I may use these blessings to do your will in service and love.

My #askObama townhall tweet questions.

#askObama if you raise taxes? can you guarantee deficit reduction, jobs? what can you guarantee? Why should we the people trust you now? VaTenor2:41pm via HootSuite
What is the role of the debt ceiling in controlling Federal spending? #askobama Why should we revolve such huge debt? @townhall johnboehner10:40am via TweetDeck
After embarking on a record spending binge that’s left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs?#AskObama Retweeted by VaTenor

Twitter Life maturity?

I haven't been on Facebook as much lately because I've begin diving into the Twitterverse. I find that I use it as a real time notebook for trading information. The people that I follow on Twitter have become a living search engine of sorts. My own tweets are a notebook of thoughts, Internet articles, intersecting so many topics.

I may be the only one that can follow this frenetic information tug o war. Full of fun and seriousness all the time. Sort of my own stream of consciousness approach to living ;-)

This social media curve has an intense maturity curve, just like life. The value is a corollary to both the breadth and depth of the relationships. Finding the balance is key for me.

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Soul passion, Choice!

"Music... This is the favorite passion of my soul." - Thomas Jefferson

It is early on the Saturday morning of DaCapoVa's 2011 gala and I will be leading, greeting, and sharing my soul with friends tonight through words, the glorious music of Beethoven's Adelaide, and through the shared experience of performance "in community" in the beautiful sanctuary of River Road Presbyterian Church.  Along with dear friends and true music advocates we will show a path in this world of living our music.

The question of who will be there.. who will come... weighs heavily on all of our hearts. As artists, we desperately want to share our experiences, to be appreciated, and to teach others the feelings... the spark..
Artists are interested in expressing the human condition. They are interested in all of life. As an art form, classical music explores every facet of the human condition: pain, passions, conflict, disappointments, as well as love, joy, peace, self-control, and m…

Elevation of listening

I spent the weekend reminiscing and exploring musical relationships at my alma mater, Westminster Choir College during their alumni events around the 2011 commencement.  What an amazing, and exhausting series of moments.

As a part time performer these days, I'm not privileged to live in these experiences 24/7 but I listened, and learned a great deal.  Inspiration, emotions, collaboration, competition, and judgement were everywhere.  I was struck by the comparisons to my every day job in corporate leadership... yet I was proud that I know how to listen. Stephen Paulus touched on some of these ideas during his excellent address during the commencement on Saturday morning.

A new performer's trinity emerged for me.. crystallizing some ideas we have been using at DaCapoVa for several years as we seek to engage both the musical and non-musical communities to enable ALL... with context and relationships.

A great performer has to help the audience listen and engage. 

Success is derived…

Phoenix Eagle, Hope & Change, Future?

I revel in the demise of Bin Laden. As I watched President Obama, then the news reports late into the evening, and finally Secy of State Hilary Clinton speak this am, I was conflicted in my pride. America has delivered a blow. The emotion is exhilarating. I do not feel guilt at the actions of those valiant soldiers who finally succeeded on my behalf. I am not gloating in the downfall of an enemy. Rather I rise from the ashes of my previous state. I feel a sense of hope and change for the future. Closure to a heart rending event has somehow been achieved by watching and learning.

It is true that the violence and death will continue in this world and that we hold no moral high ground ultimately. Today, however.. It is good to shout. USA, USA, USA... and fly the flag high! Terrorism will continue, but today we celebrate a victory and remember that there are consequences to actions.