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New Year... need less, not more.

What would happen if we all tried to make do with little less every day, week... ?  I don't know for sure, but I have trouble thinking that it would be anything bad.

Real success is derived with asking less from more, not more from less..  management, leadership, fundraising, business.. the list goes on.

Want to make a difference? start here.. stop expecting others... and carry your weight as a model of service and humility, not a badge of honor.

Merry Christmas from VaTenor, Tenor style...

No Christmas can be complete as a tenor without  "Comfort Ye and Every Valley" from Handel's Messiah.  This year, I had no Messiahs to perform in full, but I enjoyed this wonderful opportunity during a recital at Bon Air Presbyterian Church for their Second Sunday South of the James series.  My favorite portion of these two iconic works...

"The voice, of him, that cryeth in the wilderness.  Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make straight in the desert, a highway for our God."

Merry Christmas!

Is quality job one? for church musicians..."a conversation"

re: Music in worship... Church music.. professionals and amateurs interacting to worship GOD...
---taken from a lengthy FB exchange on the subject with some excellent friends and colleagues and fellow musicians in ministry

Intention is critical but it must be followed with execution. Quality doesn't come from quantity. 
Finding the balance. It is quite a challenge. I despise the loss of commitment to excellence. Not about style. It's about understanding that there is a bar. And not everything is good enough.

How would we define quality?

How about using a measuring stick for something beyond karaoke level. I would say: Elegant, diverse, stylistically uniform, innovative, flowing, alive, cohesive... In tune, right notes.../rhythms, coordinated and inspirational both for performers and audience The list can easily go on.

Success here is about seeking not settling. Too many music ministers settle... With such low levels of expectation. And then overuse words like amazing, awesome, li…

Monopoly is a big deal..

Primer on economics and how they relate to Monopoly.. and gov't.  Everyone should read this important article

Whois VaTenor according to FB's new profile?

wow.. good thing I have this.. helps me remember who I am.. ;-)

Performers... from the board room to the concert hall...

Perspective matters:  Seeking to meet expectations creates an infinite pressure loop brought on by self imposed, but well learned knowledge of imperfections... Usually stifling creativity, innovation, and energy...

Exploration creates an infinite opportunity for pursuit of excellence and exceeding expectations.

In the end you will be judged on
If you have to choose one... above all else.. Passion is the key..  goes by many names... authenticity, heart, devotion, consideration, commitment, connected...

The discipline and execution are table stakes.. if you can't demonstrate those, you should quit now...

Tip of the spear

Team meetings are really pretty amazing these days.  Enough said. The picture says it all. Video really is the tip of the spear for creating a culture of collaboration with a geographically distributed workforce... there is no substitute for face to face interaction..