VaTenor bridges music and ministry "to the Rivah" in Richmond

YOU ARE INVITED  to Sacred Home

Please come out and join the artists in a special "music as worship" exploration! 

Lyric tenor, Jeff Prillaman will return to the Second Sunday South of the James concert series at Bon Air Presbyterian Church on Nov 14 at 4pm.

He will be joined by friends and local favorites Flutist, Heidi Thurmond and Pianist, Charles Staples for an afternoon exploring the integration of worship and music through favorite classical songs and arias and exciting new works by American composers Dr. Charles Hulin IV and Brant Adams.

"Sacred Home" was conceived as part of a collaboration with Dr. Hulin at the Lasker Summer Music Festival in the world premiere of the new cycle "Come thou fount" written specifically for Mr. Prillaman.  The cycle blends traditional sacred harp hymn tunes with a fresh, powerful approach to the music and the message, effectively leveraging the sweeping lines, power and ranges of vocal color which are the hallmarks of Mr. Prillaman's voice.  These traditional pieces exemplify the shared history and growth/exploration which Prillaman and Hulin share in their long history serving within churches throughout their careers. The last peace of the cycle, Postlude,  evokes the senses, sounds, and memories of a day spent on the river. The river and the imagery of flowing water as a force connecting people to each other and to God is long and storied and culminates in this powerful soundscape.

The first half of the Sacred Home is built in three distinct sections and capitalizes further on the river/water as a connecting themes via immersive experiences bridging music, worship, commentary, scripture, and faith.  The sections: Invocation, Exploration and Assurance each provide us a glimpse into God's relationship with the artists, the audience and the His world.

"Artists are interested in expressing the human condition. They are interested in all of life. As an art form, classical music explores every facet of the human condition: pain, passions, conflict, disappointments, as well as love, joy, peace, self-control, and much more. As music gives a broad picture of human experience, it provides a tremendous gift to the church. It shows something of the need for God in daily life outside the church’s walls. It also speaks of the presence of God wherever we find ourselves."


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