Right person, right time?

"I make the sacrifice freely" - Ambassador Delenn
Watching Babylon 5 on Netflix last night, I enjoyed episode 21 "Comes the Inquisitor" in season 2 where Delenn is interrogated by the "inquisitor" and asked repeatedly "who are you?"  She gives all the answers you would expect, name,  rank, serial #,  family, religion, race... and none are correct.  In a sadistic turn, she is punished "nearly to death" by a cruel interrogator who is himself being punished.  This episode is a microcosm of the brilliant writing on this television show.  perhaps overreaching at time in tone and rhetoric, but the relevance is shocking even when applied to our culture today.. 15 years later..  In the end, Delenn is Delenn, the most important and at the same time the least important. Her authority, identity and power are drawn from her mission and as she says.. "if I fall, another will take my place" she is willing to sacrifice herself for life... one or many.. the number don't matter... fame and position are of no consequence

My renewed interest in Babylon 5 comes as I myself have been investigating "who am I?" in preparation for a local concert on Sunday here in Richmond.  Surprisingly, I don't get to sing locally very often... and when I do, I am often disappointed in turnout and support. People are busy, they have prior commitments, they would love to hear a recording, you know the list...  I do wish they would come out more... A singer needs someone to sing to.. it is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

My "superpowers" as an artist ;-) aren't easily appreciated by the folks who I worship with, coach basketball with.. watch sci-fi.. football, and even play video games with...  Perhaps that is because those "powers" are drawn from my mission... and my own satisfaction and self serving fame through recognition isn't part of the purpose at all.  When I put my mission at the forefront, the stifling infinite pressure loop of perfection and excellence which can so easily manifest in fear, is transformed into freedom to explore the glory of the music, and the impermanence of the moments.   

My performance becomes about creating "joyous moments" for the audience which they are free to like or dislike. My offering is whole and complete in its mission, my music become theirs...  chuckle.. it was never mine in the first place.  What a freeing thought.   Musicians and performers are explorers of moments and their mission is as noble or as as self-serving as they choose.  The performance "outcome" may be the same on the surface, but the intention is indeed what matters.  

In the end,  the right thing done for the wrong reason will become corrupt and useless, whereas, the right thing, done for the right reason, by the right people at the right time.. is a treasure of inestimable value.. This example makes all the difference in life... and it doesn't matter who is watching... or the volume of impact.. one life or many... When you are right.. one is enough...


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