Ministry Moments - wondrous, joyous, mundane

This morning begins much as many before it.  A fresh day with all of the challenges and opportunities I am accustomed to "managing".  Yesterday was a good day. It was a blessing to perform as an artist, using the pieces of me which God created and refined through so many days gone by in the years past.

Sacred Home was a worship journey.. and as such, it can never be complete but here are some moments I want to remember.

  • Staples had a cold.. so while we could make intimate music with him.. he was off limits for "touching"
  • The power emanating from the piano in Postlude.
  • purity of the sounds in the soaring of Heidi's Water is wide.
  • The build and release of the lines in Pieta Signore
  • audience members mouthing the word "Jerusalem" in the Holy City... as I told the story mixing up children and angels.. perhaps that is because they are interchangeable? 
  • The diversity of the soundscape generated in each set. unconventional to be sure, but it worked by showcasing the shared elements of the works no matter the style. 
  • sneezes and coughs at the most awkward moments 
  • A shared glance at the beginning of the Holy City where Staples "reminded" me of a story I recently told regarding the exceptional playing of HeeKyung Juhn during my Masters' recital at the Juilliard.
  • The beauty of the golden leaves outside the window of the sanctuary as the sun set.
  • Thanks for the friends and colleagues who came out in support with their presence and smiles.
  • Clarity and synergy between ideology, theology, and practicality. 
  • A renewed sense of identity through purpose and performance.

A music minister leads a journey through the music on an exploratory soundscape mixing the  "music" and God's message within... this does not require a congregation although it can be done there.  The message is delivered when the audience/congregation members freely choose to receive it. It cannot be forced, nor can it be prescribed.  It can only be explored and experienced with feelings. From  moments of blessing and assurance to those of fear and trembling.. they are all a part of the divine spark.  

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!


Heidi Thurmond said…
Beautifully said. The evening will ring in my heart and mind for a long time to come. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.

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