Choosing a side is not a solution

Bush did it. Obama did it. Carter did it. Reagan did it. Clinton did it. Since we elected them.. in reality, WE ALL DID IT.. whatever it is...

The blame game is useless even if it can be amusing.  We look back too much and we barely even look at where we are. When we do, we end up fighting among ourselves rather than seeking a route forward, together.  American's capacity to only seek out views and consume news and analysis which support a single sided agenda is terrifying.  Self selecting "spin" and lack of diversity is dangerous for the future of all. Civil discourse honor and a "bipartisan" approach to our future is possible.. even today. 

Open debate, and disciplined processes lead to decisions and then consequences. Strength for all of us comes from diversity of ideology blended with strong leadership and action. 

Actions must generate results not rhetoric. All we can know for sure is that the leadership and actions of the past got us where we are today... "Another day older and deeper in debt"

We MUST solve for where we are going... Not where we are are.. And definitely not for where we have been.


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