Point by point.. positions and politics.

To my liberal friends who have "attacked lately"

We agree on so much.. I wish more people could come to that understanding.
I am no Beck or Palin apologist, but some of their ideas do resonate with me.  I lean right, but I am far from "right" on many things.  BTW, I've never listened to Limbaugh, not even once.. nor any other talk radio..

Before you attack me in a discussion.. Please remember:

People and ideas are not the same things though they are closely related. Choice and public discourse rely on honesty, and transparency, and "we can disagree, without being disagreeable"
offensive, and uncivil commentary/behavior are a massive cultural problem but an unavoidable outcome of freedom I guess..  time will tell...

Liberal: not a bad word though I often disagree with tactical application of the compassionate agenda...
I am ultimately a conservative, though I don't like labels any more than you do...
I do think we are on wrong path as a country, but I'm not in a panic about it... mostly just concerned about finances and economy.
I support offering better healthcare to more or even all if it is financially viable..
I'm okay offering citizenship to non criminal illegal aliens, if they start paying taxes.
I ultimately don't have any issues with same sex marriage...though I'd prefer that the gov't stay out of defining marriage altogether.
I'd even support less defense spending, cuts and restructuring of social security, and mass education reform
I suppose that makes me a little disturbed in many eyes... ;-) Like I said, I certainly don't fit into any labels or stereotypes.. my curse or blessing depending on perspective.

Why do I carry on all these conversations on the Inet?  I choose to learn and influence.. through discourse, and debate. I try to make a difference with words and ideas globally, and actions locally.
I am passionate about resolving the abuse of civil liberties, increasing tolerance, inclusion, and safety for all, providing better access to the arts and creative endeavors and providing a future for my children.. better than mine.

It is Not Enough to be Right! for more on this topic...


Dominic said…
Thanks, Jeff!

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