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Special charges

We as musicians have far more impact and value on our society than most think.

I believe that there are many more musicians among us than we acknowledge and truly value. in our corporations, small businesses, restaurants, neighborhoods, churches. DaCapoVa attempts to find them , empower them, and make a difference for them and through them.

I charge you to share your skills and passions, seeking to find new common ground in a grass roots movement. We must pass civilizations’ quality test while at the same time, remain true to our personal identities and passions. We must be true to who we are and embrace others in a shared journey.

President John F. Kennedy said, “The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of a nation is close to the center of a nation’s purpose—and is a test of the quality of a nation’s civilization.”
I think we would all agree that even among our privileged Americal lifestyles, Our “civilization” is far from what we all would wis…

Point by point.. positions and politics.

To my liberal friends who have "attacked lately"

We agree on so much.. I wish more people could come to that understanding.
I am no Beck or Palin apologist, but some of their ideas do resonate with me.  I lean right, but I am far from "right" on many things.  BTW, I've never listened to Limbaugh, not even once.. nor any other talk radio..

Before you attack me in a discussion.. Please remember:

People and ideas are not the same things though they are closely related. Choice and public discourse rely on honesty, and transparency, and "we can disagree, without being disagreeable"
offensive, and uncivil commentary/behavior are a massive cultural problem but an unavoidable outcome of freedom I guess..  time will tell...

Liberal: not a bad word though I often disagree with tactical application of the compassionate agenda...
I am ultimately a conservative, though I don't like labels any more than you do...
I do think we are on wr…

DACAPOVA At a Glance!


Summer of stress followed by soaring

This note is to inform you, my friends of a true answer to prayer.  Yes,  I have secured a new joband will start on October 4 as a solution architect with Cisco Systems.  The Prillamans will be able to remain right here in Richmond, and I could not be happier or more pleased with the outcome of my "Summer of Stress".  This new role gets me back to my technology roots in infrastructure, video, and workplace transformation. Excited, just doesn't cover it. (

I firmly believe that God has once again faithfully provided for me and my family and I know that He is an awesome God.  In the past weeks, I have had many doors close but I continued to pray, study, and persevere in the daily grind of the job search process.  In the end, God provided gave me a difficult choice and then helped me through it.  I was led to understand with clarity, who I am and what I sought for a future rooted in service to His plan rather t…

Producing theological journalism vs directing historical period study


No Other choice -- subversive, viral... Kingdom Agents...


Its just not enough to be right.

Yesterday I got involved in a pretty big debate on Facebook where I ended up in the role of "GlennBeck defender" based on a recent political comic caricaturing his Restoring Honor 828 rally. (BTW, I don't know the source of the comic as it was shared via a wall post on FB.. but I've attached it to the right for reference.)

I have a long history of stirring folks up on FB because I enjoy the discourse, the debate and I continue to strive and struggle for middle ground even in the most extreme positions. Ultimately I want to learn and influence in a fair approach, embracing discourse and opinions openly.

The starting comment was what got me all worked up.
"And to my "friends" who like and regurgitate Glenn Beck's Goebbels-like propaganda, I am putting you on notice. I will not be silent. I will not respect the boundaries of polite society and avoid calling you out. If I see it, or hear it, I will put you in your place and I will not be nice about it. …