Driving thinking

I've traveled a little over 5000 miles with my family in the minivan over the past 6 weeks and a lot of thoughts have entered my head and then quickly escaped.  That is just "the way I roll" I guess.  Here are a few of the midlife moments of clarity that I managed to record.

  • Midlife milestones are just that. Points on a much larger journey and purpose.
  • Others' approval is just not that important
  • If you learn not to expect much, the disappointment hurts less particularly with people. Especially with family. 
  • Moderation is overrated. Need to just let it ride... regularly
  • Experiences are best when shared realtime, but pretty good even just in storytelling after the fact with friends
  • It is okay to just say goodbye and let people go
  • Take the time to do it right and get the exact right one... Settling sucks. 
  • Strive to be the best, but be sure to enjoy the progress along the journey 
  • It is okay to be and believe differently from others. Freedom is messy but worth fighting for... 
  • Real friends are few and far between, for real
  • Music makes a difference
  • If you have more talent, you have to work harder. 
  • Life is not fair and it isn't supposed to be. 
  • Actions and decisions have consequences. 
  • You don't have to like everyone and that is something to seriously be thankful for...
  • Star Wars is deep. You get out of it what you put in...
  • Money is a means to an end. Never the end!
  • Test before you trust with people because they're not God
  • Hamburgers are good but steak is better. 
  • Meism is bad for you, and even worse for those around you. 
  • Bad news is bad news. It is best accurate and early. 
  • Hope is not a management strategy. 
  • Manipulating others is bad. 
  • Passive aggressive is way worse than aggressive aggressive because the failures occur too late to be fully fixed. 
  • In a crisis leave the stuff. Not the people. 
  • Making a life is something you must be taught but only you can do. Not free or cheap 


One More Time said…
You are WISE! I loved this list of musings.

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