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Fortune: Divine science of politics and an "independant statesman"

"What is to become of an independent statesman, one will will bow the knee to no idol, who will worship nothing as a divinity but truth, virtue, and his country? I will tell you; he will be regarded more by posterity than those who worship hounds and horses; and although he will not make his own fortune, he will make the fortune of his country." - John Adams

5000 year leap quotes  John Adam on p.63...
When I read this it struck me as so poignant and relevant to today's world.  Perhaps here is the standard by which we should be selecting our political leadership, even though it is a high bar.

Perhaps, this thought is at the root of "Restoring Honor" to our electorate.

Boot strap, Simple, collaboration 2.0, - 37 Signals

Great quotes from an Entrepreneur.. A Successful one! -- Jason Fried

"Things are actually pretty simple until you make them complicated"

"If we need it, maybe someone else needs it to"

"Better off learning to make money, not spend money as an entrepreneur"

Collaboration 2.0:  - "best if people stay away from one another" - 37signals

"In most industries, you make money by selling things.." shocker...

37 Signals Blog Entry -

Local, Free, Fun... CONCERT with Capital City Summer Wind Band

Great concert featuring lots of Gershwin tunes!

Featuring Music Director Mike Goldberg (local meteorologist), Host Tony Booth (from Big Oldies 107.3), and Guest Soloists Tracee Prillaman (soprano) and Jeff Prillaman (tenor)

Sunday, August 15th at 6:00 P.M.
At Walkerton Tavern
2892 Mountain Road, Glen Allen
(Bring your lawn chair and/or blanket!)

WEATHER FORECAST Mike-Goldberg.comDA CAPO VA  "Music is a lifestyle, not just lessons" - Jeff & Tracee PrillamanAFTERNOONs with BIG OLDIES 107.3 Tony Booth
More info...

The Capital City Summer Wind Band with Mike Goldberg, Music Director, will perform Sunday, August 15th at Walkerton Tavern.  The performance begins at 6 P.M. and will feature local radio DJ Tony Booth, as well as guest singers Tracee Prillaman (soprano) and Jeff Prillaman (tenor).  The program of familiar tunes includes big band, Broadway and movie music, including works by George Gershwin and John Williams. 
The Capital City Summer Wind Band is comprised of community band…

Do you have flair?

A few years ago, I spent some time assembling my "flair" board on Facebook.. I looked at it just now and was stunned at how comprehensive it was. I guess we all have more flair than we realize!

One man can make a difference - Bruce Andrews

Yesterday, a treasured mentor, friend, and a Christian role model of the highest order finished his "race".  Bruce Andrews passed from this world and is now with our heavenly father.  Bruce met a young, headstrong, arrogant tenor and played a pivotal role in teaching me to see and understand my place in the world, as a minister, father, musician, and even as a businessman and realist.  He showed me the ropes on more than one occasion from cleaning grease traps, to handling flooded basements, to wiring sanctuaries.

The picture used in this post is of Somerset Hills Baptist Church, on Mt Airy Rd in Basking Ridge, NJ.  Bruce "supposedly" reinforced the rostrum when I was music minister there "just to be safe" as I often got very excited and physically animated as a young choral conductor during anthems and even congregational hymns... I wonder if he knew how his example of service touched me and so many others.  His actions reinforce my thoughts and actions e…

Driving thinking

I've traveled a little over 5000 miles with my family in the minivan over the past 6 weeks and a lot of thoughts have entered my head and then quickly escaped.  That is just "the way I roll" I guess.  Here are a few of the midlife moments of clarity that I managed to record.

Midlife milestones are just that. Points on a much larger journey and purpose.Others' approval is just not that importantIf you learn not to expect much, the disappointment hurts less particularly with people. Especially with family. Moderation is overrated. Need to just let it ride... regularlyExperiences are best when shared realtime, but pretty good even just in storytelling after the fact with friendsIt is okay to just say goodbye and let people goTake the time to do it right and get the exact right one... Settling sucks. Strive to be the best, but be sure to enjoy the progress along the journey It is okay to be and believe differently from others. Freedom is messy but worth fighting for... Re…